Resistance spoils the relationship

When someone shouts or screams at us, the natural reflex in our heart is to build a resistance to stop our mind from being affected by it. But making that resistance our default behaviour everytime we meet that person is harmful to the relationship. Sometimes that resistance we build is restricted and it affects the specific individual or it impacts the specific group of individuals belonging to a specific community or to the whole human society. Sometimes the resistance we build in during our young growing up age, tend to really affect us and define our attitude towards other people. The fear and the insecurities which we have in the society and our needs to protect and defend ourselves makes us more resistant and hard hearted as we face more and more struggles in our lives.

When someone is hurting us physically or mentally or spiritually we tend to be more defensive and we try to muster all our inner strength to really protect ourselves from the pain. This is human and natural. But we have to let go the resistance immediatly. We have to return back to our normal once the harm is away. Remembering the same incident and trying to build a resistance is not good. It is harmful to us and the people around us when we let it sink deep into our hearts. "do not let the sun set on your anger."

To clear our mind and our conscience of that resistance is very important. This is something God made me realize during the past few days. God does not want us to stand in front of Him with resistance or with hardened heart or with stubborness or with anger or with frustration or with a closed heart. He wants us to stand in front of Him as His children, with humble, open and soft heart instead a resistive hardened or agressive or rebellious heart. The way He created us. The biggest offense we did was against Him and He has forgiven us, and if we hold and not forgive anybody else who hurt us is not the right attitude as His children.

We fear God and His anger, but on the cross what we see is His Love, who we see in Jesus is His love. Jesus came to save the world and not to condemn the world. To stand in front of the cross with the hardened Heart is the most painful thing we can do to the Lord who loves us. To harden our heart in front of the Lord, is to resist His Holy Spirit, it is to deny the salvation, it is to block and not accept the wonderful blessings He has for us. It is stopping us from raising up to the doors of Heaven and letting our soul sink in the pit of Hell, Fire and Agony.

Pray that we clean ourselves of the resistance we have in our hearts and open our hearts to good, joyful and happy relationship.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

This is a very profound blog - enjoyed it

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