Risk of falsifing the image of God

What make me most angry is when someone falsifies my image. When someone who introduces me or passes a comment about which really does not reflect my capabilities, my nature or my goodness, then it puts me into a situation where I have to prove my real nature. I have to hold on to my image almost everyday, every minute. The minute I relax there is this Evil one who sends his messengers in our way to challengethe image. But God gives us the strength to stand up in our own image, which obviosly is the image with which He created us. He knows me, He know how I am, this world does not know me. My heart picked this last line from Gospel of John, where Jesus Christ declares thet The world does not know me.

When I read the Gospel of John, every time I come across the line "and many believed in Him", I wonder, If Jesus Christ was so much surrounded by people who believed in Him, why would His messages in Synagogues be so full of warnings. Jesus Christ is in fact, addressing the people who come to Him because they believe in Him. Jesus Christ should have been overwhelmed by the crowd that believed in Him and should have showered Joy and Blessings on the people who believe in Him. In Gospel of John, after His first sign in Cana, when He was in Jerusalem, John 2:23 says "many began to believe in Him, but He did not entrust Himself to them"

When I read the Gospel of John, Jesus Christ gives a clear warnings to all of His listeners, which He keeps repeating. Interestingly most of the people who read it or hear might not consider that He is telling to them, but instead He is referring to someone who does not believe, someone who is not in the room, someone standing in the corner of the street. In reality, the message that Jesus Christ gives in the synagoues is all for the believers, who come to Him because they believed in His act.

Everytime I read a Gospel warning and I feel this is not applicable to, because I believe in Jesus Christ. There is a warning which comes with it and it is when Jesus says "You do not have any sin if you are blind, but since you say you are able to see, your sin remains." (John 9:41)

Jesus Christ is so good, so nice, to the people who come to Him. He loves them, He cures them, He feeds them, but still why is He still so upset with the crowd He loves? To the believers He says "You come to me because I of the signs I performed, I multipled the loaves, I opened the eyes of the Blind, He healed the lame, but instead believe in me for "Who I am". I am the Son of God, who can give you the Spirit of Life, the Living water, the Body of Life, I and the Father are one. They are able to see the outward signs but they are unable to see the real "Image of the Son of God". The Glorious image of God is Hidden in those warnings. Everytime read that warning, it makes me realize and take my eyes away from the acts, and look at who He really is.

The second set of warning is to the people who look at the acts of Jesus, but still they don't believe in Him, but they claim to believe in God. They claim that they are the Children of Abraham, they live by the law of Moses, they claim that God is their father. Another big warning, to the people who call them selves believers but have a hardened Hard, they are more religious and God has become an Idol for them, rather than Spirit and Love. Jesus Christ showed them that "You claim to be my believers, but in reality you have crucified me. Repent and bring me back to life".

On the night of betrayal, He calls His Disciples friends, He prays that they be united with Him and promises to make a dwelling with them in the Holy Spirit, which is His real image. To us who dwell in flesh, to really understand and feel His image is a real challenge, that is why Jesus Christ came all the way to make us understand who He is.