Satan Challenges our Faith

Starting from the very beginning of our creation, Satan keeps challenging us about our Faith in God's Love for us.

Jesus Christ taught us to look back into the eyes of Satan when he questions us of our Faith, to look straight into his eyes and say that my faith is not built on my strength, but by the strength of the my Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross. And Satan already knows the answer to that by the victory on the cross which is eternal, everlasting, unchallengable and unquestionable for someone who believes in Jesus Christ.

In the old, He used to put us to shame and guilt by questioning the Faith based on our own strength and he used to be victorious and have his say in our hearts and our mind, making us feel terrible, hurt, lonely and helpless. But now, through the victory of the cross, Jesus Christ sent us the Holy Spirit, who provides us the answers to the challenges of the Satan. The Holy Spirit prays for us and directs us on how to reply back and be deeply root in our belief in Jesus.

Satan through his deceiving words he created enemity between the loved ones because of the insecurities he brought in, he brought feeling of fear of death, fear of destruction, causing people to run for life, to build high walls to protect them selves, to be in hiding, to be in darkness, to be ignorant and be puppets in his hands. Jesus Christ has given us the strength and authority to be childern of God, to live a life of security and safety, live a life of vision, purpose, plan, guidance. He leads us to walk in the paths of green pastures, to lead a life of love, care and prayers, humbles, obedience, patience, gentleness.

Satan due to his deciet guides people to ways of violence, hatred and destruction. Jesus Christ through His love, mercy and everylasting love, leads us to peace and joy.

Everytime Satan challenges our Faith, look at the cross, be filled with the Holy Spirit and show him the Book of Revelation, showing him his destiny and our desitiny through our Lord Jesus Christ. He can repent and submit to Jesus Christ if he choses not to go into the pool of fire and sulfur.

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