Searching for His Face lost in Darkness

Roaming around in the wilderness of life, we have lost the Face of the Lord. Like the Israelites who were in the leading a life of Exile in Egypt, then in Wilderness, then they had the Babylonean and assyrian exile. As the went through all these troubles, they almost forgot the face of the Lord who loved them. They only remembered the face of the Lord who punished them for all their sins. They no longer remembered the Lord's Covenant with Moses or His convenant with David. They were completly immersed in their sinful life. The Prophets at that time were filled with the Wrath or Fury of Lord, and they were seeing the Face of the Lord filled with Fury and Wrath. They totally forgot the kind, loving and caring face of God, except for the Promise of the coming Messaih.

Jesus Christ the Messiah came into the life of the Israelites to revealed the real Face of God who loves them, ready to forgive them on heart felt repentance, who cares for them, heals them, feeds them, who leads them, who speaks to them, who forgives even the people who crucified Him on the Cross. Jesus Christ reveals the Face of God which is eternal wisdom, existence and life. Jesus Christ reveals the real Face of God with the new convenent on the Cross, that His people who believe in Him will not Perish, but will have eternal life.

We human beings mostly replace the Face of God with the Face of men whom we interact with. We feel God's Face looks like a human face, God's heart works like a Human Heart, God's Wisdom is like Human Wisdom, God's anger is like Human anger, God's love is like human love.

But when we read through the Gospel Jesus Christ reveals His face and love which is so different from any Human love we can see around on this earth.

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