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When God is with us who can be against us. It keeps us wondering why would God want to support us and lead us to victory as compared to others. Everyone around is going through the same struggles, why would I find favor in the eyes of the Lord? Why did Noah or Abraham or David find favor in the eyes of the Lord as compared to others? Why did God chose to be with them? Why did God chose to lead them to victory? God has a purpose and being aligned with that purpose helps us to serve the Lord better and be better citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven, by leading more and more people to salvation. Through Abraham, Noah and David, God has touched millions of lives and brought in the salvation into the lives of millions of people.

Seeking God's approval in every critical decision in our life is very important part of a God centered life. Challenges cannot be eliminated in life, struggles are going to be part of our journey. Seeking God's approval is not going to eliminate the struggles or the challenges, but it strengthens our faith to overcome the challenges. It assures us the promise of victory in the name of Jesus. Seeking the approval of God, also makes sure that we have the Spirit of God guiding us in what we are doing. Also, having the guidance of the Spirit, helps us in being alert towards the upcoming plans of Satan and holding on to God and standing against the evil one.

Seeking God's approval also helps us in testing the Spirit. Word of God says always Test your Spirit. Spirit might be decieving. With the human wisdom and knowledge we cannot distinguish and tell if the spirit is from God or the evil one. We need the Lord's wisdom and power to discriminate between the good and the evil spirits. Sometimes our ego and our overconfidence and our self centeredness and our fears lead us to trusting the bad spirits to be good to us. It is important to understand by the power of the Lord and identify the right spirit.

Seeking the guidence of the elderly people is one of the most important things we in this generaion are missing. We go by what we read, we go by what we understand and our own interpretation. But God wants us to seek the guidance of the people who are Godly and really care for us. It is most important that they understand and approve and are aligned to what our interpretations of the will of God, Spirit of God and the path we are taking. This will help us from falling.

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> Seeking God's approval also helps us in testing the Spirit.

This sentence has me scratching my head a bit. When would one part of the Triune Godhead put forth something that would need to be tested by (an)other part of the Triune Godhead?

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