Self Giving Love of Christ

Jesus Christ's self giving love is for everyone who came across Jesus Christ in their lives. It is not limited to only the people who are called out in the Gospel, but also to everyone who know Jesus and believe in Him. Starting from the Creation to the ends of the earth,His love is unchanging and it is self giving.

Jesus Christ showed His selfless love for His mother, by turning the water in wine even before His time had come.

Jesus Christ showed His selfless love to the sick and the suffering, by Healing them and making them complete on a Sabbath.

Jesus Christ showed the selfless love for the Samaritan woman and the people of Samaria, by revealing to them the truth of God and the Messiah.

Jesus Christ showed His selfless love for Martha, Lazarus and Maria by walking back to Judea when the Jews were trying to kill Him. 

Jesus Christ showed His selfless love for His disciples, by stopping Peter and asking him to put His knife in the scabbard. None has been lost except the one son of destruction.

Jesus Christ demostrated the selfless love for the Jews and also for the people who crucified Him, by praying for their forgiveness on the cross

Jesus Christ demostrated His selfless love for the Jewish women, by requesting them not to cry for Him but for themselves and their children.

Jesus Christ demonstrated His selfless love for the authorities by submitting, accepting and enduring to their decision and the punishment granted to Him.

Jesus Christ demonstrated His selfless love for human race, by dying on the cross for our sins.

Jesus Christ demostrated His most selfless submission to the Father on the cross, by giving everything He was and obeying every plan of His by dying on the cross. It is only through this submission we have received the salvation. The death of the cross reveals Jesus Christ's selfless and selfgiving love for both Man and God, both united and bound togather as one Jesus Christ who lived, died and resurrrected and lives for ever between the father God and Human race.

The opportunity for us to live a life in which we don't have to be selfish but spend our life and thoughts in a self giving love for others, by trusting on the love of our Lord Jesus Christ is an amazing gift that Jesus Christ has given us. He keeps reminding us of the opportunity He has provided on this earth to live this self giving love for others.

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