Self Giving love : Taste of How it feels to be me

Jesus Christ brought in Self giving love into the world by His death on the Cross. What does His self giving love mean to me, what difference does it bring into my day to day life? Through His death on the cross He brough in Freedom from our sinful nature, Healing and Salvation. Along with all these He opened the doors for us who are in earth and belive in Him be united in Him, so that we can have the taste the Heaven, taste of what it feels to be the Son of God.

Through His self giving love on the cross, He opened the doors of Heaven, and gave us the Holy Spirit, which enables us to be united with Him to feel what it feels to be Jesus Christ. How it feels to be the Christ who lived and walked on the earth, healing the Sick, driving out the demons, preaching the salvation to the world. Through His touch of love He gives us the feel of being the Son of God who is united with the Father, who does exactly what the Father does. He gives us the feel of being the obedient son of the Father and to give the life on the cross.

Through His resurrection He gives us the feel of being the Son of God seated over the throne of Grace, on the right Hand of the Father, with authority over the Heaven and Earth. Through His self giving love, He sends us the Holy Spirit which helps us to be united with Him to see His Glorious and Majestic love.

The interesting part is He still expects us to grow in self giving love, where He loves our weak, broken nature, which He expects us to give to Him. Through His love, He enables us to grow beyond our hesitations, and assures us that we are good enough, to give our brokeness to Him which He can love and take care.


Thanks Deepa for sharing yourself in the Lord!

No doubt that He has shared many things with us and the greatest of these things was love. We should also be willing to share with the world this love as well.

Be blessed forever

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Amazing love! and can it be...

I really loved what you've said in the last paragraph. Summed it up perfectly for me.

God bless,


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