Shepherd brings the best out of His sheep

As compared to all other sheep, His sheep are so unique and different, because when it gets dark they all know to seek the Shepherd, they all know that thier home is where the Shepherd is, when they fear any harm they immediately call Shepherd by making noice, they love being with the Shepherd, they listen and obey the voice of the Shepherd, they follow Him and seek His ways, He is the light they follow, they all love Him. The Shepherd is everything to them the alpha and the omega. The Shepherd is the creator and the provider. The Shepherd is their path and wisdom. The Shepherd is their family and kingdom. They are all united with the Shepherd and the sheeps as one body.

Our Lord brings out the best version of every sheep in His flock, He brought the best version of Peter, John, James, Paul, Thomas, all of His disciples, Noah, Abraham, Seth, Moses, Joseph, Elijha, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and all the prophets of the past, who trusted in Him and spoke of His Glory. The Shepherd defines the purpose for each of the sheep. The shepherd makes sure that the father is happy to own the sheep, by yielding best wool, by reproducing to have more sheep, by having a healthy flock. The Shepherd makes sure that the owner is happy to own the sheep. The Shepherd takes care of the sheep generation after generation, he knows the origin, and the charecteristics of each sheep and He takes care of them as required. You dont find them elsewhere they are only around the Shepherd, looking at Him, asking Him to hold, standing beside Him, playing around Him, calling Him,jumping around Him, seeking His attention, touching Him, sensing Him, feeling Him.

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