Shepherd personally knows every sheep of His

The Shepherd cares for His sheep so much, he remembers each one of the sheep by their names. He knows every sheep personally and He attends to the needs of every sheep. He gives personal care, attention and instruction to every sheep. There are some directions He gives to all the Sheep and there are some instructions which He gives only to the specific sheep.

When we look at the Jesus Christ and His personal relationship with everyone, it feels so amazing.

  • John, the beloved disciple, was so personal to Jesus Christ that he was known to be leaning on Jesus Christ on last supper.
  • Peter, the rock : Lord Jesus was personaly very close Peter that He discussed His plans, and personally encouraged Peter and supported him to gain more wisdom and spiritual insight.
  • Thomas, the doubter: Jesus Christ told him "Put your finger", knowing personally is doubting charecter.
  • Mary Megdalene: Jesus personally knew heart and her passion and He let her to anointed His feet with the perfume and wipe it with her hair.
  • Martha: During the dinner when Martha was complaining about Mary to the Lord. He replied back knowing her feelings and emotions, that she is worried and upset about many things.
  • The woman who was caught in adultery whom Jesus saved stoning, also Jesus cared for Her and said do not sin anymore, neither do I condemn you.
  • The Samaritan woman, He knew her so personally, that He said to Her about Her past life and her current situation.
  • Judas, the traitor: Jesus Christ knew him personally so well that He refered him to be traitor.

Jesus Christ knew everyone person whom He encountered or came across. No heart was hidden from Him, He knew every thought, deed, word, action of all the people whom He came across. Nothing is hidded from Him. Not even Death.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

What wonderful reassurance that God knows all His sheep.

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Hi Deepa,
I loved this! I've been thinking about "God who sees me" a lot recently and the examples you've given of how Jesus gave considerate, individual treatment to the people around him are really great. It's such a comfort to know that God knows each of our weaknesses and specific needs - a real burden lifted. Praise Him!
God bless,

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