Small things break mutual trust

Couple of weeks back, I brought Mangoes and I was cutting them into pieces for me to eat. I heard my roommate and her 2 year old toddler daughter enter the house. I felt like sharing these nice, fresh, ripe and good mangoes with them, so I told her that I have kept a portion of the mango for them. The toddler loved the mango and she started crying for more mango, so my roommate came and asked if she can have more mangoes, I told her yes she can take more of it.

Couple of days back, my roommate got some mangoes, and she asked her daughter if she wants mangoes. The toddlers was so excited about mangoes, but this mango turned were not to be that ripe, so they had a dull color. But still my roommate cut them and put it in a bowl and gave it to the toddler. The toddler looked at it and rejected looking at the color of the mango, that these are not mangoes and they are apples. She tried hard to convince the toddler, but she will not accept. Then finally I had ripe mango and my roommate cut and give it to her to eat, which the toddler enjoyed.

This incident left a big question in my mind, why did a child not trust what her mom was giving? Why will she think that her mom is giving apples instead of mangoes?

Next day toddler was happy eating a few raisins with joy, she told me something pointing to it and I did not understand what she said and I looked at it and told her nice. Her mom came and told me that she told the toddler that these are chocolates. The toddler thinks these are Chocolates. Toddler wanted chocolates but since they are not healthy her mom gave her raisins as chocolates. The toddler was happy eating the raisins thinking them as the chocolates she wanted. As I walked back to my room I felt no wonder why the toddler did not trust her mom when she gave her the mangoes, but thought she gave apples instead of mangoes.

As kids it is natural to trust that other person is telling the truth, but when someone breaks that trust, but telling something which is not true, it creates a big gap in the child's mind. It makes it hard the child to trust things blindly without knowing the truth. Parents tend to think that the child does not know the truth and they try to change the truth, for the benefit of the child. When I grew up, I know my parents used to make me study saying the the "ceiling fan gives chocolates (they used to hide chocolates on the fan and when they turn on it used to fall), (or) the sparrow sitting on the window is watching if you are studying or not, if you don't study it will tell the giant iron old man. But when I grew up, I slowly understood, that they told me stories to get me do what they wanted to do.

The fact what parents don't realize is that the kids loose trust, and it takes years for them to come out of this shock of their parents hiding or manipulating the truth. It feels like love and care to start with, but then when the truth comes before the kids, the trust breaks. Because the trust was build based on the illusion or a lie, and when that comes to open, the trust breaks as well. The first thing that comes is they did not trust me to tell the truth, they felt I am not mature enough to understand, which is logically right. But it takes a long time to heal, some people like me have to walk till our Lord Jesus for it to heal. To find someone we truly trust and love becomes more challenging because the mind has not learnt to trust again.

Jesus Christ won our Trust by telling us the Truth and He will never break our Trust. I love you our Lord Jesus Christ.

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I always made a point of telling my son as well as my students the truth. That is not to say that I never told them stories that were not true but I always was careful to differentiate between what was true and what was just a made-up story to entertain, illustrate a truth, etc.

I also used to tell them trust is one of the easiest things to lose and once lost, it is the most difficult thing to regain.

I am so thankful, that like you said, Jesus is the Truth and He will never, ever break our trust.

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