Spirit, Vision, Wisdom, Will and Stamina

Most of the times we feel that we are procrastinating our actions. In reality there are some reasons why procrastination is valid. First reason that comes to my mind when I procrastinate is when I am not ready to that activity. I dont think I have all I need to complete that action successfully. I dont want to fall, I dont know if I will have the required strength and support to get another oppurtunity. Procastination gives us the time to think and plan better. But we cannot keep procrastinating forever, till we are so surrounded by fear that we feel its okay even if I fail.

Using the time between the calling and the time when we do the action, is the time we get to prepare and equip our being with all we need. It is like preparing of the trek, from the time I know I am going to trek, spend time to understand the length of the trail, the duration, how to dress myself, pack my bag with water and all necessary items, and then finally I know I have everything I need to support myself when I am doing something with is not my regular day to day activity. It needs some effort.

Now when it comes to doing the will of God, it is bit more complex as there is no map or guide which tells us how to do. But there is a certain pattern and necessary components which we need to work on to get ourselves right.

  1. First step is to get our Spirit right, the humble and servant spirit to serve the Lord, the King of Kings.
  2. Next is to have the vision or the goal set aligned to the will of God.
  3. Next is to gather the knowledge that is required to serve purpose of our calling.
  4. Next is to prepare our mind and have the commitment and will to do the purpose for which we are called.
  5. Finally, the physical strength and the stamina to do the action.

Once we have all these it is time to stop procartinating and get into action and do what God has called us for. It is okay to give us sometime to get ready to serve the Lord with all you Heart, Mind and Strength. If your Heart, mind and body are not fully prepared, then it is the time to get them ready to serve the Lord. Serve Him with all Joy and Enthusiam, for He is the one who created us and He is the only one to be served.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I like your blog and understand what you are saying but I am hesitating over the use of the word "procrastinate" which usually means to intentionally put off or resist doing something because you really don't want to do it, rather than delaying it because you are not yet prepared or equipped to do it. The latter is prudence whereas the former is often a passive method of resistance or even rebellion.

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