Stay within the Boundaries of His Love

Most of my life I have felt like a bird inside the cage, with the desire to be outside the doors. But when I managed to break the doors and go out into world, I understood how difficult and unsafe the whole world is, I feel the passion and the desire to stay within the doors of the cage.I realize how safe and good the cage has been, and how much the door has been protecting me from every evil. Now even though I think of returning back to the cage and have a peaceful life inside the cage, I cannot go back, I have to finish my jorney before I can go back.

When I think of my body, I feel I am so much confined within this. The pains, the sufferrings, the sickness, everything I go through in the body, it is like a cage to me, which restircts me from doing things. When I get sick, I realize how weak and helpless I am, my soul calls for healing to the Lord. I get so angry and tried doing everything to break the rules, and I ended up being sick. But God made me realize that this body is given by Him to do duty which God has given me, I cannot think of moving out of this body, till I finish the duty for which I am called. It is not me, it is God who is keeping me healthy. It is not me, it God who will be glorified by my works. I need to surrender my whole being to the Lord. It is not just my Heart, and mind, I have to surrender my body and the duties as well to God.

Jesus Christ came to Baptize me with Water and Fire. When I have the fire of sin burning inside me He will Baptize me with the water to put down the fire of sin and sickness and deliver me from the evil. When I have the zeal and passion to serve Him, He will ignite me with the Holy Spirit, so that I am able to serve Him. Sometimes the duties we have in front of us are like the mountains, though our capacity is to move only the stones. He can move the mountains for us and make the way for us. When things get so difficult, God shows us the path, He keeps us safe. Sometimes when I think of my future and how will I be able to handle the big responsibilities, it is overwhelming, but still it is He who called and He will give me the strength. He will make the ways straight for me, He will make me the Head and not the tail. He loves me so much.

Never run away from the Boundaries He has defined for me. I just want to stay safe within His love and His boudaries, always as His Beloved.

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