Strength to break unfaithful strongholds

Every time I come across my friends who have the habit of smoking, and I get deeply troubled and wonder why is it so hard for someone to just let go a habit which they know is harmful to them. When I think of a smoke, I feel it to be something unfaithful, it just burns into ashes and vanishes into the air. It just leaves the them weak and anxious when it is not there. I have no clue of much misery the soul inside is going through because of one unfaithful bond that it has. I just know that the soul is in deep trouble but I have no clue of how to deliver the soul and set that free.

This life which we live the soul gets entangled between the Faithful and the unfaithful. The faithful are the bonds and relationships that bring in Love, Joy and Peace into our hearts. The unfaithful are the bonds and relationships that bring in sin, pain and suffering into our lives. We know the nature of the bond by the feeling that it brings into our soul. I know that something is unfaithful when it starts hurting deep inside me. The unfaithful can hurt the body, mind and the soul. The most difficult part of the unfaithful is the anxiety it brings in when we try to break the bonds with it. Overcoming the anxiety by itself is struggle or the test that we have to give to overcome the unfaithful. The Faithful can heal the body, mind and the soul. We are saved by Faith, and we are called to be Faithful to the Lord who is Faithful. The biggest test of this defeat of the unfaithful happened on the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ. When He overcame every single instance of unfaithful and the root of all the unfaithfulness on this earth. Through His Spirit He gave the strength to overcome every unfaithful bond or stronghold that is holding the human soul, to the one who believes in Him. Through His name the bonds of the soul that of rooted of unfaithfulness in the Abyss of Hell is broken and shattered. The soul is delivered and is free from all the clutches of unfaithful relationships, and the soul is planted in the new ground of Faith in Heaven which brings in the Joy and deliverance to the soul.

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