Surrounded by Word of God

We are made of flesh, supported by material and guided by relationships. What is hidden from the human eyes is the fact that we are so much knit with and by the Word of God.

We cannot separate our lives from the word of God, if we do that then we loose the essence of our life. We are totally lost. Being able to redefine our thoughts to relate our lives to the Word of God instead of relating it to the flesh or the people or material, is a blessing. Understating, walking and living by the Word of Go enables our body, mind and soul to be all looking at of God and Creator who lives and loves us through His Word.

We are inseparable from the Word of God, it builds us and binds us. Every action and every happening in our life is a reflection (transformation) of the Word of God on our lives. It is not people around us or the problems around us or the sickness around us which is transforming our lives, it is the Word of God which is transforming us.

We can not ignore our sins or our weaknesses and always hope to live a life without any pains or sufferings or sickness or difficulties. But in the midst of all these we are still intertwined by and built strong by the word of God.

The Awareness of the mind of being surrounded by the Word of God, makes us realize the Presence of the Lord our God in our lives.