The Father, The Shepherd Son and the Sheep

angel.gifThe Shepherd is the one who is designated by the Owner with the duty to take care of his Lambs. Jesus Christ is the Shepherd, He is not someone who is hired by the Father but instead the real Son of the Father. Being the son though He is the master of the flock, He Shepherds the flock with obedience to His Father.

When I really look at the wisdom of Jesus Christ and the compare it to the Wisdom of the us, the people, we are really like the Sheep so ignorant and innocent, walking it own way, and stops when it sees something to eat, crying in pain, not moving when it hurts, stands in fear and runs away when it sees water or green grass, always under the danger of being attacked by a fox or any other animal.

Jesus Christ is a Good Shepherd takes care of us so well, He stops for us and calls us back, He keeps calling till we turn back, makes sure we are well fed, drives away the danger, He still watches over us, takes care of us, and keeps us safe from all dangers, so that He will make sure that we the sheeps of His Father, reach home safe and not even one is lost.

Jesus Christ, is the Shepherd, and His God the Father is the owner of the sheep assigned to be taken care of by the Lord. He did with so much dedication and sincerity. When we play the role of the Shepherd we accept the both being the Son through Holy Spirit and the responsibility to take care of, His Sheep it is a great responsibility given to us, we are answerable to the Father for every sheep that is assigned to us, not even one of it should be lost.

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