The growing Spiritual being inside this dying Physical body

Spring is here, bring sunny days are back, we can finally take our jackets off and walk, surrounded by the fresh flowers, greeting us with their bring and attractive colors. Beautiful.

I went to the tulip festival and took nice pictures among beautiful flowers with awesome colors. Interesting fact about these Tulips is that they sow the bulbs into the soil in August, which grows out in Spring. They remain in the soil all through the winter and finally when they come up and reveal their presence in Spring. This bulb, which suffers in the cold winter, gives birth to and the beautiful flowering plant. Amazing.

(NIV) 1 Peter 1:23
for you have been born again not of seed which is perishable but imperishable, that is, through the living and enduring word of God.

Our physical body dies and the Spiritual body comes out to life on His day. We have not seen with our human eyes, how does the Spiritual body look like. But a few people who met the Lord after the resurrection including the apostles saw the resurrected Christ, and have added the instances in the Gospel describing their interactions with the resurrected Christ, which gives us a some idea of what it did, how it looked and how it felt. Beyond this we have no clue of how anyone of us is going to look like in our Spiritual body.

Today my mind and my self is mostly aware of my physical body, through its Faith and Belief in the Lord, it tries to understand how the Spiritual body and the life will be. Like a child looking at his dad to see how he will be when he grows up. This mind and this self, is totally aware of this perishing physical body, which is to me is just the holder of the spiritual body.

The interesting question to me is how serious or how much should I be worried about this physical body? Before I came to our Lord, my life was more aligned to the physical world, which makes the laws governing my physical body defined my purpose, hope, life and fears. But after I realized the truth of the Spiritual body and the hidden purpose of this physical body, it seems to be less critical. Most of the rituals, laws and the rules that were primarily centered about having a safe the life of the physical being in the world surrounded by sins, seems to be less important. More important is holding to the Faith and love for the Lord and walking in it and obeying Him. But sometimes when the physical body is in pain, it makes my mind forget all its awareness about the Spiritual being and gets attached, grieves and suffers with the physical body.

When I look at Our Lord Jesus Christ during His great suffering on the Cross, His self and being was not so attached or grieving from the physical pain of the weak body which was falling, bleeding, and torn. Instead, He was doing His every duty, by forgiving the people, handing off the responsibility of His mom, confirming the thief to paradise, being thirsty, talking to His Father. He was fully active and working till the last act of commending His Spirit to the Father.

I wish I am able to stay more focused on the Spiritual contact with my Father rather than with the physical suffering in the body, like our Lord Jesus Christ. Love you Lord.

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