The most fruitful moments of Silence

Most people accomplish many things by talking, shouting, fighting, arguing. People spend restless nights to achieve their goal.

We are so blessed to have the quiet time with the Lord, which can do things, which no human words or deeds can accomplish. "Be Still and Know I am the Lord" The most difficult thing for us is to be still. We keep moving, thinking, remembering, doing, wanting, running, searching for something or the other. But His love for us makes us to Be Still.

The Silent time with Him, there is no word to explain the value of it. People write poems when they spend silent time with the Lord, people get visions, revelations, people get filled with the Holy Spirit, people get healed, people's prayers get answers, people's needs are met, people's heart get transformed.

The time of slience with the Lord, in His Presence. No converstions, no thoughts, no worries, no pains, but remembering only His Presence in our lives. It can be anywhere it can be in a church, at work place, at home, at the play ground, in a park, or a quiet time under the sky. Just think of His Glory, His Marvelous Presence, the Vastness of His Love, the depth of His Truthfulness, His Glory, His Might, His Promise, His Faithfulness. The one who created us so marvellously well, the one who loved us eternally, the one who protects us totally. Just remain in His presence let the inner being remain in Him and taste His love, like a butterfly immersed the nectar.

Silence a door way to Heaven, it is such a blessing that the Lord opens the doors to Heaven and helps us to enter into the Holy of Holies during our quiet time. He helps us to cross all our worldly passions and troubles and quietly move into His kingdom in His presence. Heaven where He dwells, when we are with Him we are connected to Heaven. We get to feel the peace of the Heaven and open the doors for the peace to enter into our lives and through us peace enters into the world.

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