The other disciple whom Jesus loved

I was reading John 20:2, the phrase "other disciple whom Jesus loved", where the author refers to himself. I felt it to be so beautiful as he calls himself as "someone whom Jesus Loved".

During the last supper, seated at the table with the Lord is also the author, who does not call himself as "I was reclining next to him." Instead he says "One of them, the disciple whom Jesus loved, was reclining next to him." (John 13:23). The author used the term "the disciplewhom Jesus loved" instead of "I", which is so nice and the best way to see one's self.

The question that comes to my mind is, why would the author call himself as the one whom Jesus loved? The Gospel does not say anything specific or any special conversation between Jesus and this disciple, where Jesus conveys that He loved this disciple. So what makes the author call himself the one whom Jesus loved?

Interestingly, Jesus gives this disciple a special task of taking care of His mom. When someone trusts us and gives a very special responsibility of completing a task, we feel that Yes He/She loves me. In a class when my teacher calls a student out of the 100 students and tells can you please carry this book for me. The student know that He/She is special, because the teacher has chosen Him/Her to do that activity.

When I first came into Christ, He chose me to do something, it was not something others cannot do, but still what is important here is He chose me to do it. I came jumping with the Joy, saying "God loves me". But later as I started interacting with many fellow believers, I realized, everyone feels that "God loves me". He is a personal God, who dwells within each one, and confirms His love for them. I would doubt if there can be someone in Christ, without trusting "God loves me". Jesus Christ came to the world to confirm the Love of God for human beings. So obviously, anyone who accepts Jesus Christ will accept the fact that God loves Him.

Also, when I look at the Gospel it contains what the author has seen through the life of Jesus Christ on earth, it is the author's personal relationship with Jesus Christ, it has what he heard John the Baptist tell about Jesus Christ, what Jesus Christ did in Cana, what Jesus Christ spoke to Peter, what Jesus Christ spoke to Martha, Mary and Lazarus, what Jesus preached in the Synagogues, what Jesus Christ did to the sick and the sinner, to what Jesus Christ did during the last supper, to the cross to the resurrection. The author's mind is so full of the Lord and His acts, His words, His mission. All through the Gospel the author is looking only at Jesus Christ, and when the time comes to look at himself at the supper with Lord, He refers himself as the one whom Jesus loves, there is no question or doubt that Jesus loved Him.

If I were to write about My God, and what He did when He was with me, obviously I will call myself the one whom He loved. Because He is God, and I am me. He designed me (everyone)in a way that we are the center of His Love and He is the center of the love for all of us.

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). The author used the term "the disciplewhom Jesus loved" instead of "I", which is so nice and the best way to see one's self.

Love that. ANd never thought of it that way

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