The Shepherd guides me Home

When I look at me as His sheep. I see myself as a sheep who is lost, who is reluctant and unsure of which direction to go, who is always in the fear of someone hurting it, who is unwise to understand what is in people's heart, who is always playful, who gets hurt, who does not know to take care by my own, who keeps moving away from the flock and keeps looking for something different, who stops walking, unsure of the darkness and the time..

I look at Him as my very patient, kind, loving, caring, protective, understanding Shepherd.. Jehovah Roi .. The Lord My Shepherd.. who watches over every step of this sheep. When I stop walking His voice call me and makes me move in the right direction.. He is there for me.. Jehovah Shammah.. The Lord Is There.. when I am hungry and thirsty.. He shows me path to reach to the water and food.. He provides me the my needs... Jehovah yireh.. The Lord Will Provide.. When any predator tries to harm me or hurt me.. when I am struggling to get away from any harm.. He is the Shepherd who fights for me and brings in the victory.. Jehovah Nissi.. The Lord My Banner.. and bring in the victory.. Jehovah Sabaoth.. LORD of hosts.. Powers.. When I am in trouble He helps me to come out of the hardship.. Jehovah Ezer The LORD our Helper.. He establishes the righteousness all around me.. Jehovah Tsidkenu..The Lord Our Righteousness..when I get hurt and I am in deep pain or tremendous pain.. He is the one who picks me in His hands and applies the required medicine and carries me in His shoulders and hands.. and holds me safe and heals me.. Jehovah Rapha.. The Lord That Heals.. When I am dirty and unclean.. He cleans me and restores my white and cleanliness.. Jehovah Mekoddishkem.. The Lord Who Sanctifies You.. When I am lost in the darkness.. and in the night.. He brings me home safe and helps my dwell in peace and safety.. Jehovah Shalom.. The Lord Is Peace..

Beth M @blest ·

Lovely! It is so comforting to know all the redemptive names of Jehovah!

Great blog!

blessings, blest

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