There is a Magic in the name of Jesus

As a Baby Christians we are experince the Miracle of the name of Jesus.It is the name that drives out the fear from our Heart, it is the name of strength,Pray in the name of Jesus it works,we get the desires of our heart when weask in Hisname.

But when we grow up more Spiritualy, we try to pray not only for us but also for others, we try to be the messengers of the name in this world. We pray for people around us in the name of Jesus. That does not mean that we stop praying for ourselves in the name in Jesus. But we start understanding the love of God and we learn to accept what He gives us, rather than ask what we want.

As we mature spritually we understand the essence of His love and His presence, which is more valuable than anything else we can ask in this life. We understand the cost that Sin is losing His love. The pain of losing His love is unbearable. Being in His presence, singing His glory and complating His wisdom is more than anything that this world can give us.

This life becomes a Joy when we realizethat we are part ofHis Glory.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

I am not happy having the word magic in the same sentence as Jesus. for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are no magicians and nor should they be viewed as such.


Do not include honorifics.

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