Though we cannot see God with Physical eyes..

Though we cannot see God using our physical eyes.. but still we can see God's people..

We cannot see Jesus Christ with our Physical eyes today, but still wecan seeHis people who hold His image, and whouse theirspirtual and intellectual wisdom toreveal to theothers what lies deep within them.. it is such an amazing blessing.. to be able to see people whotry tospeak of the unspeakable.. to explain the unexplainable.. toreveal the unseen.. to unhide the hidden.. The most wonderful blessingis to use of the wisdomto understand and interpret the most wonderful and marvellous God,who always remainsan unchanging and unexplainable mystery to all human beings..

It is through the same Bible through which He talks to all of us.. we all try to understand Him through what He has revealed through His Bible.. but stillthe eachand every God's person percieves Him uniquely.. though we allread the same Bible and follow the word of thesameLord..He is personal.. and what wewrite is so different, it is because what He shows us and reveals is His choice onwhat He chooses to reveals toindividuals personally..

This remianing lifetime that wespendin this earth, wehold on tothe hopeof seeingtheLordduring last days and resurrection..but till thenwe arehappy aboutbeing able to see God's people and listen to the messages that God is giving from these people..

Beth M @blest ·

"...He is personal. "

He is, He is. ..Praise Him for that!