Time when all my sufferings will come to an end..

Everyday as I walk with my Boot and my crutches, I come across so many people who speak to me about their experiences of fracture, a few of colleagues, number of cab drivers speak to me about their injuries. It is really feels so blessed to be able to share their pains. Today I came across a colleague who told me that he had fourteen fractures in his foot, back in India a truck come over his foot and the doctors had to literally put his feet togather. Yesterday my cab driver in the morning she told me that her daugther has had fractured her leg three times being in sports. The cab driver in the evening told me that she had two fractures last year one in hand and the other in leg. I was so amazed by two things, one being the fact that people share these with me and the other thing is so many people have had such experiences in the past.

I was browsing the youtube to see how to use crutches right, i came across a very cute video where a toddler broke is leg and he is playing which is bag when the doctor is putting the cast on his foot, and he continues to play and crawl around with the cast on. Few things that I realized that was different from the kid and me were, first is the feel of guilt which was not with the toddler, second is the doubt on the healing, third is the fear of pain, forth is the axiety about the future. My days could have been better without these, but I know I cannot help it and we hold on to the Lord to overcome these.

But when I look at the day when all my physical pains and sufferings will come to an end, and I will stand in the Glory of Our Lord, it really feels so amazing. The pains and sufferings that we have reminds us that this physical body is perishable, though we know that by eating proper food and providing it the proper nutrition we can manage to stay healthy, but still it has its own limitations. I know as I grow older my physical being is going to be weaker and painful. But still we have the habit of pushing ourselves one step beyond our capacity. I have gather my strength to walk with the boot and the cruthes even though it is hard to start with, but that is how it works.

But still inspite of these, the day when I will be united with the LORD in HIS glory is so AWESOME and WORTH the pain that we CROSS.

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