Trust in the Lord, Rejoice in about your Future

The Joy of the Resurrection of the Lord filled the depths of my Heart as I sang the song "The Resurrected King in Resurrecting me." Thank you Jesus for filling my Heart with the Joy of your Faithful, eternal and glorious love. Lord God please help me to have a Heart which can hold on to this Joy eternally. Lord help me to never let go of this Joy. No sin or weakness or human error shall take this Joy away from me, because I trust in Jesus and I believe in His love on the Cross.

Our hope is not built on what we see or what we are or what we do. It is built on what is unseen and what is unknown and what is yet to happen. We walk with hope, not because we eat, or we work or we have a beautiful home or we have an awesome family. We walk in Hope because we trust in the Lord who created this life out nothing, who can make dead come to life, who can make blind see, who can make lame walk, who can do what is impossible with man.

My future is not dependent on what I do, but it is dependent on what He has done. I expect great and mighty things to happen in my life and after, not because I am strong, or because I am hard working or because I have a great Faith or I am an awesome Believer. But because I Trust in the Lord who has been doing marvellous things since the Beginning. These amazing things explain who He is. He can do what I cannot do. My life is not dependent on what I can do, but in reality it depends on what I cannot do. Because He is with me. I Pray to Him asking for what I cannot do, I Trust Him to do what I cannot do, I Believe that He can do what I cannot do. My tomorrow is not made of what I can do, but it depends solely on what I cannot do, because He will do that for me. My human mind cannot comprehend what He is doing it can only be amazed by the one who can do what is impossible.

When a man says, this is the end, God says, nope, this is the Begining. The paths will unfold and the doors will be opened up as I walk, and the Lord will bring me to life to life everlasting. Trust in the Lord for the Beautiful dawn, with amazing plan and awesome victories. Nothing comes from me, but everything from Him.

What more Joy will I ask for rather than a Hope in the Amazing Love of the Resurrected God, who is Resurrecting me. In Jesus name. Amen.

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

A big Amen!

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Thanks once again

Kevin Willoughby @kevin1 ·

well said Sir

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