Truth will set you free.. Son will set you free..

John 8: 31-36 The conversation between Jesus and the Jews about being freed. Many of us have the same question to Jesus as the Jews, we have never been enslaved, then how can you say "You will be free?"

When Jesus says "set you free", we tend to look at the slaves, prisoners and captives who need to be set free, because we are all free. We are physically free, our hands and feets are not tied, we are free to move around. We are free to express our thoughts. We are free to eat the kind of food we want. We are free to marry or divorce or be in any kind of relationship or be with no relationship.

But given all these freedom we have are we satisfied. Is there anything that we need more than all the freedom that we already have? Am I really free? How does it feel to be truly free? Will I ever taste the true freedom? When will get the freedom which Jesus is referring to?

The freedom which Jesus Christ is referring to is beyond what we as human beings can imagine. On this earth we live as interdependent people. The way our body and everything around us is designed and build to be interdependent. To continue typing my thoughts for this blog, I have to plug in the laptop charger so that I can continue working. My dependeincy on the media, laptop, electricity to complete one task of writing my blog.

I am super dependent, I suffocate with out air, I starve without eating, I thirst without water, I am barren without relationships, I am idle without work. We are designed to be dependent, but the challenge is when the dependency enslaves us. I have to pay for my food, I have to work to earn my food, I have to keep my relationships happy, I have to give them gifts, I have to keep my manager satisfied with my work.

Am I free or ensalved? Should I rebel? Should I break all that are captivating me? Should we return back to primitive life of living in the forest?

Jesus Christ has given us the option "Truth can set you free", we know that "He is the Truth". I know Him, I believe in Him and I am in Truth. Does that mean I am free? or something that I have to wait till He comes again or wait till my life on this earth is complete? Can't I be free anytime during my life on this earth, inspite of being a weak dependent being?

"Weak dependent being", God loves these weak dependent beings. Interestingly a slight twist to this dependency can transform our lives into free. It is the dependency on Him, our God, instead of dependency on anything else or anyone else. Dependency on God who provides us, dependency on God who loves us, dependency on God who heals us. I dont have to be worried about satisfying anyone for my daily living. I have to just know the Truth and it is Him.

I am still the same, "Weak dependent being", but no longer a slave, instead set free by the Truth, by the Son.

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Amen, Deepa

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