United in Body and Mind with Our Lord God Almighty

Many amazing thoughts and realizations opened up in my mind while reading the book, "City of God" by St.Augustine.

  • Though we were the last in creation, but still we try to look back and see what happened before we were created? How did the world in which we live came into existence?
  • Amazing fact about the creation is everything God created since day one is still in existence every day in our life, giving us the opportunity to understand and Glorify the Lord Almighty, who created us, also providing everything we need in our lives to make us realize our existence.
  • The realization of our own existence as both the Physical and Spiritual being. The Intellectual wisdom in us which enables us to comprehend these.
  • Today when we are in this material world, though our mind is attached to the physical world by the senses, emotion through our physical body. At the same time we are able to feel the existence of the Heavenly Spiritual world by the Holy Spirit of God of reveals us the truth divine.
  • Being the physical world, our intellectual mind is mostly filled with the material and knowledge of physical world, our human pains, troubles and problems.
  • It is God's will that helps our mind and thoughts to forget the physical world and look at the God Almighty in Spiritual and Heavenly realms, the creation of the Angels, who are spiritual bodies. And slowly realize with our intellect united to our Spiritual being, the creation of the sun, moon and then the trees, fishes, birds, animals and finally man.
  • Though we can never be the creator, but we are given the option to be untied with Him in His Glory to see how awesome He is. When we look at the good angels who remain in His presence and carry out His will, to share His divine wisdom and His divine will. It feels so amazing to be given the choice to be in His Glory, through our Lord Jesus

  • When we are in this world we are attached to both the Spiritual and Physical world. But when the physical body dies, then during the judgement on Lord's day we are attached the Spiritual world, if our names are in lamb's book of life, through the blood of Jesus Christ, then we become citizens of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Else, we will be thrown into the fires of Hell, along with the bad angels.

It feels so amazing to be able to summarize our complex lives in simple and true wisdom of God.

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This is very good. Thank you!

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