Viewers choice seems to be playing a bigger role in our lives

I recently got into the habit of watching a serial in TV. I read the review of it on the web and also I watch it on YouTube. As I was following the reviews, I realized that they are introducing the twists in the story based on what the viewers prefer to watch. I usually love reading novels, and the best thing about them is, it speaks what the author thinks and how he plans or percieves his characters to be. But on the contrary when I look into these TV serials, the writer is to be changing the story with twists on a day to day basis to keep the viewers continue to watch the program.

Thinking on the same lines, I was wondering if we are deciding our lives based on viewers choices. What I wear, How I look, what I want to eat, whom I want to marry, how I want to spend my vacation. For most people everything in fact is being decided by what the people around will appreciate or think. The sad part here is by doing this we are losing our identity or our original image. The pain part is once we start changing our choices based on somebody else's choice, our mind is trained to thinking that way, and it really feels empty or lost when there is a situation when the person or audience is not around. We have to retrain our mind to think differently. Because it has in reality forgotten its own choices and its own identity, and has been thinking more from somebody else's perspective.

One person in the old testament who I could say clearly got into great troubles by obeying to what His people wanted is Saul. He saw the soldiers leaving and decided that he will offer the burnt offering instead of waiting for Samuel. His army wanted to take best of the sheep and cattle, He just went by what they said instead of what God has told him to do. He kept yielding to his viewers choice, which finally brought forth God's wrath upon him.

During Jesus's life on earth, the viewers around Him want him to go to the Feast of the Tabernacles so that He can get publicity, but Jesus declines. He does not want to do what His viewers want to see Him do. He is holding on to what God want's Him to do. He is not changing His direction based on what the people, who are watching Him carry the cross, wanted Him to do. He does not do what the crowd, who ate the bread and fish He multiplied, wanted Him to do. He did not do what His disciples or Peter wanted Him to do during the night of betrayal. He did not change His path or His decisions, He kept walking in the choice of God.

Biggest learning is to align our lives with what God wants us to, instead of what any of our viewers want us to do.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

I liked this - well said


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

You wrote:

"Biggest learning is to align our lives with what God wants us to, instead of what any of our viewers want us to do."

I agree! Are we doing what God wants us to do... or what our viewers want us to do?

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