Wait on the Lord, God is in action

In every step of life we are asked to wait. Waiting is invitable in our life. We wait everyday for many reason, wait for the breakfast to get ready, wait for the bus, wait in the queue for your turn, wait for the people to join the meeting, wait for others to finish talking. Every place where we have to depend on the other person we have to wait. Wait for your partner to be ready and be prepared for getting married. Most important wait for the Lord.

From the dawn to dusk we wait. Sometimes wait is a continuous process, like wait for the bus, get into the bus, wait for your stop, again wait till you reach work, and the wait for my laptop to turn on, wait for the login to happen, wait for the mailbox to open, wait for the team to show up, wait for the lunch time, it goes on.Every step has a next step and we have planned it, soour mind though it is working it is alsowaiting parallely for this task to complete and thenext task to start.

What does wait refer to, it means something is pending, because of which I am not able to proceed to the next step. I need to wait for the step to complete and proceed to the next step. Now it is for me to decide what am in to do when I am waiting, I can do someother work, or do something to expedite the completion of the task that is blocking me to proceed to the next, if nothing is in my control I can pray to the Lord, I can fast, I can be restless in anxiety, I can wait with confidence that God is in control and He will do it and I will not have any issues.

Bible teaches us to wait on the Lord, when Jesus Christ says us to wait, He is refering to the time till the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. When Bible refers to wait on the Lord for your victory, it means that God is working on the prequisties for your victory, and we need to wait till that is accomplished. He has the perfect plans in place for our life and He is working on it and we need to wait.

Most of the time waiting on the Lord brings in Joy and Victory. We wait on Him to make things perfect. We need to learn to wait. Wait with faith, confidence and strength. Abraham had to wait for 100yrs to see the promised son. Israelites had to wait for 430yrs in Epypt before the Exodus. Israelites had to wait in exile 70yrs in Babylon before they can return to their home land. Israelites had to wait for about 600yrs being ruled by other empires before Jesus Christ was born. Jesus Christ had to wait for His time to be fulfilled before He can raise up to Heaven and be seated at the right hand of the Father. Now we are waiting for the coming of the Kingdom.

Wait on the Lord refers to God in action, and we are in inaction. Wait your time to act has not come yet.

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Thank you very much for sharing this word on the w-word we can find so hard at times.
"Most of the time waiting on the Lord brings in Joy and Victory. We wait on Him to make things perfect. We need to learn to wait. Wait with faith, confidence and strength" - amen!
God bless,

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Waiting! I find that a particularly difficult thing to do. Whether that be waiting at the hairdressers, in line at the supermarket, in a queue during rush hour or to honest any time at all I find waiting to be a chore.
I have to hold my hand up and say I am no more patient when waiting on the direction of the Lord.

I must work on patience and waiting.

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