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The woman with whom I share my apartment has a small 2 year old baby, who loves walking along side me or her mom. This morning she was walking beside me to my room and when we were near the door of my room and I remembered that I forgot something to be done on kitchen, so i thought I will go back to kitchen, and started stepping towards the kitchen, but was amazed to see the baby already know the direction my feet is going, and started moving in that direction, before I am moving. She is walking in the direction with me, because she is watching my feet and not waiting for my whole being to move. Since she is small, she can see which way my feet is turning, and she has already moved in the direction before I start to move.

The amazing fact about our relationship with children is when they are kids, they watch our feet and decide their next steps. As they grow older, they hold our hands and decide their next steps. When they are teens they listen to our voice and decide their next steps, As adults they look into our eyes and decide their next steps. They don't always follow us, but they chose which direction to walk based on what they think what they should do next, but still we are their direction.

It really feels so amazing to realize the fact that as the "Children of God" our calling is to walk in the same direction as the feet of Jesus.

Jesus Christ says "I am the way", to me it means follow His feet as the direction for us. But if I am far away from His way, then I have listen to His voice and follow Him. I know He is the good Shepherd and He is leading me and I am going to be safe home. But to reach that destiny we have to follow His way in every step. The more we follow, and keep up in His way and don't try to move away from it, we are safe and away from the devil and his schemes.

Jesus Christ washed the feet of the disciples, indicating whatever sins they acquired by walking in their own ways are washed away and from now on Jesus Christ is their way, so they can walk in the way of the Lord. But soon after that on the night of betrayal the disciples left Jesus and went their own ways. But like how Jesus said to Peter, "You can't go with me now, but you will follow me later." this was a prerequisite to the path they are going to live, when they are filled with the Holy Spirit, He washed their feet.

Jesus Christ knows that to believe in Him is not so easy, they had to witness His death, resurrection and they receive the Holy Spirit and proclaim the gospel and start walking His way. It would have been a different story if Jesus Christ was to live in His human form in this physical world with all of us, but He, like His Father who is in Heaven, lives in the Spiritual world, for our better good. So He can fight the devil and His schemes for us, and plan ahead for our rescue and the path of Salvation.

Sometimes we get so worried that we are not hearing the voice of the Lord, and we run all the way to start hearing His words of assurance. Even today, as I am walking everyday, I really yearn to hear His voice of love and assurance. But still onething that keeps me going is the Faith that I am walking in the way of Jesus, and I am following His feet and there is nothing for me to fear. He will guide me and lead me home.

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Excellent blog and greatt analogy! !

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