We bear the Pain and God provides the Tolerance.

During my Physiotherapy sessions, I came across a poster on Pain managment. It shows the line of the "tissue tolerance" and "Protect by pain", before injury the protect by pain is closer and below to tissue tolerence, which enables someone to really have the strength to climb the Mt. everest with confidence. But after an injury and recovery the protect by pain has gone far below the tissue tolerance. Now the challenge is to slowly go beyond your protect by pain, so that slowly and gradually your Protect by pain line is back closer to Tissue tolerance. It is not easy, but the amazing fact is the activity that was hurting me yesterday is not hurting me today. Because my protect by pain in increasing. I used to think my tissue tolerance is increasing, but in reality it is my Protect by Pain line. My tissues are still good with the original level of tolerance.

We started our Journey with close relationship with God, where God's love and our love were so close to each other and we walked with confidence with the Lord. But when we sinned, we kept lowering our line of love for God, like the Protect by pain, thinking that God's love for us also has decreased. But in reality Jesus Christ came to say that God still loves us with the same love, and so you raise up your love with confidence, so that you love Him with the love with which you were created. He does not want Peter or John or Paul or any of His disciples to restrict their love for Jesus Christ, He blessed them with their love for God. He calls each one us to live with the love for God.

Jesus Christ showed us on the cross the capaticy with which He created us. He calls us to come out of our comfort zone. He calls us to carry our cross, He calls to to come out of our boat and walk on water, He calls us to leave our belongings and follow Him. Everytime we fall, we assume that our ability has decreased and we keep confining and restricting ourselves and we keep going inside what we call the safe zone, where it does not hurt, our hiding place. God calls us to be who we are. He gives us His Spirit to guide us and come out into this saving love and care. Into His safe Hands. We are safe anywhere and everywhere through His Spirit.

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