We don't know does not mean it is not working.

When we buy something new, and we don't know how to properly fit it and how to properly operate it, then we come to the conclusion that this does not work or it is not working for me. For many people marriage does not work.

For us when we first look at the world and the life around us and try to understand it, the first thing that comes to us is, it is not working, there is no rules around it, it is so chaotic. People just do whatever they want to do.

When we look at our own lives, without the knowledge of God, our conclusion is, it is so out of control, we don't seem to meet our goals, we are unable to discipline ourselves, we are unable to live peacefully, fear and death seems to grip our lives.

When we look at other people's lives and the way they grow and the way that are planning their lives, it seems even more chaotic, all the decisions they make for their kids, their families, themselves seem to be wrong, they seem to be taking decisions without strong analysis, they are taking decisions randomly, it is all in the air, it seems they might fall miserably. It is not working, is the conclusion we come into.

I used to be at this point in in understanding in my life and the life around me, before I came into Christ. But after coming into Christ and after reading the Bible and learning to submit and listen to Him. Holding myself and stopping myself from throwing myself into difficult situations, where my Holy Spirit is warning me and it is uneasy inside me and it is troubling me, or not letting the fear come between the way of God. Being submissive to Him in every step. Helps me to understand How God is working in our daily lives.

God works in way which we cannot understand with our Human wisdom, but we can understand them slowly when we open our heart to His Holy Spirit and start walking with Him in His ways, though it seems difficult like the Israelite walking in the wilderness, like Peter walking on water, but as we start looking at Him and He starts opening the doors for us we feel that the life is working in Jesus name. Sometimes it is hard to understand why some doors don't open, but still we overcome those by our obedience and submission to our Lord Jesus Christ.

I love you dear Lord for your Mercy and Grace. We thank you dear Lord in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Brilliant - well said I like it

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