We never get it right the first time.

As a child when we try to stand, or walk we fall, but by design of God we keep trying till we know that we are able stand like others around us, we are able to talk like the people around us, we are able to live like the people around us. Failure comes into our lives with the strong messages that "you are not as good as the other person who succeeded". Given the fact that I am not as good as someone, can make me react in two ways, either I can be envious about the other person and do something which will harm the other person. Or alternatively it can make me strive towards perfection where I try to work hard to make sure that I am as better as the other person.

When God revealed to Cain that His sacrifice is not as acceptable to God as compared to Abel's. Cain did not take it postively, He did not strive to be better instead he killed his brother. When God revealed to Saul that He is not as good as King David, Saul did not try for betterment instead he wanted to kill King David. When God revealed that Joseph is better than his brothers, His brothers got envious and they sold him to slavery. When Pharasies found that more and more people were trusting Jesus Christ, they grew envious and plotted to arrest and crucify Him.

Instead when God revealed to David that his act towards Uriah is not good, he humbled himself, and repented, and he tried to be more perfect himself. When God revealed the truth to Saul (Paul) he immediatly repented and accepted Jesus Christ and strived towards perfection all through his life. Though Paul did not know Jesus Christ as much as the disciples called by Jesus, but still Paul invested his life and time to serve the Lord to perfection.

When failure knocks our door with the message, it opens the door for us towards perfection. It is for us to decide. Jesus Christ came into our lives with the message that we are not as good as how God created us to be. We submit and surrender to the Lord and try to be perfect, by following the path to perfection shown by Jesus Christ.

D Kelley @lineman ·

Nice blog, thx.

One comment about your last statement, that we "try to be perfect". I would like to remind myself and all others that there is NOTHING we can do that will make us perfect. Leopards cannot change there spots, and neither can we become perfect on our own.

You said correctly that we need to surrender to the Lord. I liken this to how a magnet (Jesus) draws steel filings (humans). If the filing does not resist the pull of the magnet, by holding on to something around itself, and submits to its pull then it will be drawn to the magnet.

The closer the filing is to the magnet the more like the magnet the filing becomes, just like the closer we are to Jesus the more like Him we become.

Thanks for what u wrote. :)

D Kelley @lineman ·

By the way, I love your comment about children not being able to walk right away too, but how they keep trying anyway. They watch dad and try again, like we need to watch our Father and accept His ways of doing things. His ways are MUCH BETTER.

Children will also grow if they accept the gifts of God (sun, fresh air, water, food, etc.). There is no thought they can have that will make them taller, but if they do not refuse the gifts of God then they will grow.

We will grow too, if we accept the love of God. When He asks us to do something we must not refuse to do it, or we will be resisting Him rather than submitting to Him.

Beth M @blest ·

Goord blog, Deepa!

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