What do I see in the Eyes of Jesus Christ..

During my usual conversation, one of my cab drivers told me he was planning to go to India and he wants to visit Buddhist temple in India. Out of curiosity I asked him, what made you choose Buddhism. He told me that he went through lots of harassment as a child and he was thrown out of his home at the age of thirteen, and he had to come out and live with his friend. There was lot of pain and anger in his heart, and he was a bad guy. One day he saw a Buddhist monk pass by and he saw a lot of joy and peace in him, he felt he wanted it, so he went and spoke to the monk and slowly he started to follow that faith.

After I came back, The statement " I saw a lot of joy and peace in him" made me think. So in that case, when someone looks at me, what will they see? Are they seeing pain or worry or joy or peace or love or fear or anxiety? Irrespective of what they see, it is one of the driving factor, which will help them believe my Faith.

One more step closer, what do I see in Jesus Christ, Is it the pain of the Cross as in the Gospel? Is it the Fury against the Human sins as in revelations? Is it the Victory over the Sin and Death? Is it the Peace of eternal salvation? Is it the Love for the Sinful and Suffering? What will I see when Jesus Christ walks past me? I will see Grace, which is a combination of all these things, which encompasses His fury against the sins and the love for mankind, for which He suffered on the cross, which gave birth to salvation, through the victory overthe death.

Now, when some one looks at me, will they see Grace in me?

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