when even a flu scares us.

During my school days, flu and cold used to be something I would happy to have because it gives me a reason to stay away from school and be at home. it never seemed to be something which is of a real concern. I used to eat the food which my mom used to provide me and the over the counter medicines that my mom used to provide me and stay at home and sleep well for 2-3 days. in case of Cold and difficulty in breathing my mom used to apply vicks and inhale some vicks to remove the blocks and sleep. none of these were a concern or a fear. it was just a part of the yearly academic schedule.

But now, what changed that I am so much worried about my flu and my cold. This is not the first time I am getting flu in my life and then why am I so concerned. Something around is changing, I hear the news about people dying of flu, the virus becoming so powerful, which makes me feel am I missing something. why am I worried about my roomamate having cold or cough. It is natural that I am going to catch the infection as well. There is nothing new about it.

Sometimes I feel may be I am missing the fact that there is no virus that is poweful than the name of our Lord Jesus. And when trust in Him He provides us the wisdom to eat the right things to build the immunity in the body and to be careful to cover myself well when i go out in the cold. And give the wisdom to be able to fight out all the external infections from the body.

These are ofcourse the signs of His coming and the Lord gives His people the strength to stay strong and rooted in Him.