When everything in life seems to be a challenge

When everything in life seems to be a struggle, God will smile at us and say, you are in the right path. When I read the book of revelations, I realize that if I don't bow down before the image of the beast and take its mark, the beast will kill me. If in order to escape and save my life if I bow down before the beast I will be destroyed by the wrath of God. The summary of it is no matter what we chose, this physical body is going to suffer, either in the hands of the Satan or by the wrath of God. The choice is ours.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for a human mind to know the difference between what Satan's plan and God's wrath. It all looks the same in the physical body, it is pain and suffering. The difference is in the Spiritual body. The people of God, reject Satan and they refuse to bow down before Satan to get the power, money or the riches he is promising. People of God believe in the promise of Heaven and the death of our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross and His resurection. They accept their sin that they have disobeyed the Lord starting from the sin of Adam. They believe in the everlasting love of God. They know their saviour, they know the plans that God has for them. They know the difference between the Satan and Jesus Christ. They know who is a liar and who is the truth. They know who is darkness and who is light. They know who is death and who is life.

In this world we will have struggles, there is no way of denying it. But we have to trust in Jesus and believe in His and His words. Believe that He has greater plans for us than these. The New Heaven and New Earth are for us. We might expect to have a nice loving caring husband, good children, with loving parents, But Satan will play around with every feeling of ours and bring in failures, pain, struggles, sufferings physically, mentally and Spritually. Like how he did to Job he might put us into struggles, he even schemed to put Jesus Christ on the cross. But still we know how to hold on to Jesus Christ and His promises and to standfirm in Him and His Grace.

In the name of Jesus there is authority, the authority to Heal, the authority to drive the demons, the authority before which every knee shall bow down. Sometimes if we are wondering why the authority of the name of Jesus is not working, it is because what we are asking is not aligned with the will of God. If the will of God is for us to go through the trials and temptations which the Satan has asked permission from God to make us walk through it, and if we are not ready to walk through and are using the authority of Jesus against the will of God. It is not going to work. In these instances Jesus Christ expects us to submit to the will of God and under go the tests rather than use the name of Jesus and fight against the will of God.

We are called to the heirs of the Kingdom of God, not by our choice or by the choice of any human being. It is the will of God that we are called to be the heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven. God knows what He is doing to us. As children of God, it is our duty to know what our Father wants us to do and what He does not want us to do, so that we are safe from His wrath. He is righteous and we cannot stand before His Holiness by our own, it only through the Blood of Jesus we can be sanctified to be the Heirs of the Kingdom of Heaven. Let us Believe in the Body and Blood of Jesus which was shed on the cross for our salvation, beyond anything else in the world.

It is not our fight, it is a war between the Lord and Satan. Satan has the permission to try to pull each and every one who is born in flesh away from the love of God. God has is arms and love extended to hold us, but are we holding it or did we let it go. It is never too late to hold Him, His arm are always never us. Just call His name and hold His arm, He will fight for us and take us to Heaven.

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That was good: well said

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