When we go to HIM.. vs When HE comes to us..

I had my doctor visit and the xrays showed my boneshave rejoined well. The doctor commented "This is lookingbetter than what I could have imagined". I started my Physiotherapy this week and walked some steps with partial weight bearingon my heal. I really thank God for His Mercies for enabling me and strengthening me. I really thank all the people who prayer to our Father God for my healing, standing united as one family in Him and raising our Prayers in Spirit. In times of Hardships when my own self is in doubt, it the prayers that support me and help me move forward. Please continue to Pray for me as I slowly start back to return to my health. Sometimes when I have to move around hopping, it is painful. But still I get the support from people around me, which is a Grace from the Lord.

Yesterday as I was sitting down and waiting from my sister, and I was wondering at how the fracturetook placeand theway it is healing. My inner beingreminded me of the verse "I can lay down my life at my will and take it back again". It really felt amazing to realize the awesomeness and the Majesty of our LORD. And the fact that He lives with me. Onething that I cannot deny, is the transformation that this whole experience has brought in me, I dont think I can ever be the same old self again. There is something that has changed.

There are times when God wants us to come to Him and there are times when He wants to come to us. We don't understand what it means when Jesus comes to be with us. We are ready to go to Heaven and He is preparing us for His coming. Both are literally the same. But the perspective is lot different. One is looking at the Heaven and other is looking at the Earth.

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So glad to read the first sentence!

Wonderful, wonderful


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I agree!

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Fantastic news.

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