When your Heart gets adament

I have been a super adamant kid since my childhood. Obviously because of my adamancy the world around me was not so friendly or in my favor. I used to get spanked to force me to "let go" and eventually being rebellious became my way of life. But it really costed me a lot of pain both physically and socially. I got so frustrated about the issues I was facing because of my adamant behavior that I decided to literally fight my adamant behavior with in me. Now my frustration caused me to treat my heart as badly as how others treated it. Now when I think about it, it is like me punishing my heart before someone else punishes it. Because I know they are going to treat me bad if I do what my heart says. I felt that was the only way. In reality, that was my interpretation of the religious teachings at that point of time.

But when I came into Christ, He showed me something different. He seemed to be making my adamant Heart stronger. He was in favor of my adamant heart. That was scary. I was literally screaming, God you dont know what you are doing, you have no idea what I have to go through if I am like this. God showed me the lives of Abraham, Moses, King David and many others in the Bible, their adamancy for God and the Faith to "Hold on" to the promise that God gave then in their Heart. Don't let go. Hold on. God will make it happen.

Baby steps of Faith. He wanted that adamant heart to hold on to Him. I love being adamant, and being adamant for God makes me good to the world. Now thats interesting and makes my life easy, I can be me. I don't have to punish myself or tell my heart "let go", I can teach my heart "Hold on".

Today, I am adamant and more stronger being adamant than what I used to be before. He has given me the strength to stand for the promises I have in Him. The best and funny thing is to learn to live among the people who are all designed to have adamant hearts, watch out how God is handling them. But I have to be watchful to make sure that I am not forcing or manipulating someone else due to my adamancy. I am adamant to hold on to my promise and I will not give up, at the same time I dont want to stop someone else from reaching their goal or be envy about what their heart is adamant for. But they cannot steal mine.

I am adamant from morning to night, I am adamant about writing the blog, I am adamant about painting, I am adamant about sleeping, I am adamant about going to gym, I am adamant about getting healthy food to make my bones and muscles stronger, I am adamant about my work, I am adamant about speaking to my friends and family, I am adamant towards reading bible, I am adamant about loving my God and making Him Prime. I love all these and I no dependency on anyone in doing all these.

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