Wisdom to understand what the Spirit says.

As Christians when we believe and get Baptized in Jesus, we receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes from the Father and the Son, and makes a dwelling within us. It hears from the Father and the Son and reveals it to us. Holy Spirit is our consellor and it reveals what is about to happen. We all have it within us. I also have it within me. It has been most than 10 yrs since Holy Spirit made its dwelling within me. But the toughest part for me has been the wisdom to correctly and act immediately based on what it is telling me. Most of the time, I realize and understand what it said to me only after I land in the problem situation.

This wisdom to understand the Holy Spirit needs a lot of Faith and Wisdom from God. Bible talks about the Prophets, People of God and the Apostles who were committed to understand and obey what the Spirit says which is ofcource our foundation of Faith.

When the Spirit said Abraham to sacrifice his son, he immediatly obeyed the Spirit and took his son to sacrifice. Such is his Faith and commitment to the Spirit of God, to the voice of God. It took Him almost 100yrs to reach to that stage in Faith and in relationship with the Spirit to obey the Spirit. God was patient and forgiving with him all along till he reached to that point in Faith. But Saul on the other hand never learnt to understand and obey what the spirit of God told him to do and he ended up loosing his blessing.

When we get saved, Holy Spirit comes to us with a plan, the plan from God in our lives. He guides us on where to live, how to live, and what to do, when to do and everything so our lives reveal the Glory of God. He guides us with the options and plans to keep us out of harms and troubles. He reveals His presence, by His words God's presence in our lives. But it does not happen that we always seem to obey what He says and keep running into troubles and then with prayer and repentence, we establish our relationship back with the Lord our God and His Spirit. God understands us, but still waits patiently for us to grow to obey His Spirit. He has given us this whole earthly life to learn to listen and to obey Him.

Holy Spirit comes with a duty to take us to our Heavely Home safe. Sometimes we may not be able to understand the significance of what He says immediately, because He is speaking about what is to come. But it will make sense and lot of sense when the day and the time comes. It is so important to be able to identify the voice of the Holy Spirit. Because within us there are so many voices, the voice of doubt, the voice of fear, voice of our own thoughts, voice of past, voice of the Holy Spirit. To decipher which is the voice of the Spirit, comes with Divine Grace, which helps us identify the voice of surety and security. Most of the times it is required for us to be fully cognizant of the happenings around us, and the changes happening in our lives so that we are able to obey to what it is says. We are ot called to live a life of Blind Faith, but instead a life of Wisdom to Obey God. Sometimes the tough part is when it tells us to change our routine, like if I am used to wearing one shoe, and one fine day it says wear a different shoe, because today the roads are not going to be the same as before.

Adam and Eve did not have the wisdom to understand why God told them not to eat the fruit of the tree. But Jesus Christ through His wisdom shared with us the strength to obey the plans of God. It is that Spirit which dwells in us, which helps us to walk by the plan of God.

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It is truly a marvelous thing that has happen to us all.

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