Word of God is the Sword of life

Everytime when we fall and try to stand up again, we stand stronger because this time we are not standing on just our own strength, but with the strength of the Lord.

Our body works like an engine, which transforms fuel into energy. I am super amazed by the kind of transformations that happen inside and around us which leads to variations in the outcomes. Of the thousands of days I have lived on this earth, no two days have been the same. Everyday has something new in it. When I look around, people change, policies change, priorities change, stratagies change. Best thing in life is it gives us the option to try various things, and evaluate the outcome. We can change the way I eat, way I dresses, the way I think, the way I repond to others, the way I react to a situation. Some of these make us feel good and some make us feel terrible.

May be, there is a reason behind why God made the birth of a baby the most complex procedure. A baby's to exit out of the mother's womb and coming out into the world, is the most difficult process both for the mother and child. Though it bring in lots of Joy and happiness into the world, but still it is painful. But why do people chose to go through this pain? Because we just want to walk through the pains to look at something beyond. Our desire, passion and search for beyond is more than what fear or pain can stop us.

Entering into the kingdom of God is as painful as the birth of the baby, In John 3:4 Nicodemus asks “How can someone be born when they are old?” Nicodemus asked. “Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!”. The pain that Jesus Christ went through to show us the way of life.

Word of God gives us the strength and assurance that God's love has a plan to strengthen us, protect us, guide us, and make us prosper and be victorious through this dynamic, changing world around us. The world and the situations around us will change, but God's love and plan for us is stable. Sometimes life looks lost, but connecting our lives to the plan of God brings in the meaning to our lives and makes it better. Word of God has the power and strength to transform our lives to me more fruitful.

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