Working with God moulds us Better.

To stop doing what I was doing and to let God do what He is doing. I don't recollect when this started but I know that it is still in progress. Now when I have walked for few years of my Journey, I can see what God is doing, He rebuilding what is broken in my life. What life had given me in the past was broken because of my ignorance, my sinfulness, and my lack of knowledge of God. Now, how exciting it feels to rebuild what is broken in my life by working with God. Looking back at the path I travelled, I literally did not try to rebuild it.

For almost 4yrs I had to be in US for work, I did my job, come home read books and go to Church on Sundays, talk to family and friends. I just kept away from my past, so that I have my time in peace. Most of the people around me did not know my past and so I was just living my life as it was (plain and simple). Early this year, I had to relocate and travel back home early this year, due to my Job requirements. I started realizing that I am working with God to fix my life. I was becoming my better version.

Sometimes, I know where to go, but I don't know how to go.

Some challenges come my way which is so difficult for me to carry (it is like an Ant carrying a grain). I still try to seek God's guidance to get it done. Every time I get a new task, it also means I am getting a new book to read. I will keep reading the book and God keeps working it out. When I don't know how to do – my mind keeps searching for the way. Somebody might have done something, or might suggest something which will help me proceed further.

I always look at the people in the Bible,

Jesus said to Peter "On this Rock I will Build my church". And Peter was able to lay the foundation for the Early Church by working with God through the Holy Spirit.

Paul was called to "Preach the Gospel to Gentiles", and Paul by working with the Spirit was able reveal the mysteries in the old testament for the Gentiles and preach them the Gospel to them.

Today when I was travelling back from work, I just thinking or imagining, When God built the present Earth but man was not aware of How God built it, and it is broken because of Man's ignorance. How good it would be if Man will work with God to rebuild the whole beautiful Earth. God has the potential to work through Man to get this done. Just that man has to be ready to work with God, to understand how to build it.

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