You are Mine...

Looking back at my Journey of understanding the Love of God.. sacrifice of Jesus.. scriptures.. blessings.. churches.. faith.. fellowship.. the one thing that made me look back at Jesus as my Lord.. was His confirming YOU ARE MINE.. His assurance YOU BELONG TO ME.. made me a different person.. it transformed me to be a Better Person.. my Best Version..

My Self was tired, weary and broken and it did not have the strength to carry the soul.. that has always trusted people and ended up being hurt, lonely.. deep inside me.. calling on for Help.. Holy Spirit came to me with the message "You Belong to Me". The Spirit The Lover of My Soul.. I belong to Jesus.. I am is safe in the most best Hands..

What do I know of Him who Loves Me.. nothing.. but He seemed to know everything about me.. He knew my ways.. He knows I keep falling.. He gave me the Bible to Hold.. He knows I am careless.. He gave me responsibility.. He knows I dont trust people.. He made people trust me.. He knews I was sad.. He filled me with Blessings.. He knew I was lonely.. He brought in Friends for me to care for.. He knew I needed Healing.. He taught me to care for people who were sick..

Slowly I am Learning HIS ways.. I have started to forget my Ways.. He is the Best and I belong to HIM. I Love HIM..