Our Daily Bread

Matt. 6:11 - "Give us today our daily bread."

Christ teaching the 'Lord's Prayer,' this verse is truly foreign unless growing up destitute, homeless, or in a developing country. Living in uncertainty of food present for the day's sustenance. This reality existed in the crowd spoken too in 1st century Israel.

Food, shelter, and clothing are basic needs in life. No health, wealth, and prosperity teaching if only possessing enough faith. Not facing the daily reality of lack of food, judging the five thousand becomes rather easy. Only to follow Jesus for satisfaction of physical huger. (John 5, 6)

What is wrong wanting Jesus to meet the basic needs to exist? Christ’s focus is on the eternal and spiritual obtained only partaking of His body and blood … the true necessity. What to do? Confronted by our Savior not promising to meet every basic physical need always. Rather, pointing to our greatest need in Himself, the Eternal Bread of Life.

Do we turn and walk away dejected and disappointed Christ did not meet our need? Some following, certainly heard of the miraculous feeding and had not eaten for days. The irony, Christ promised to meet every need, though we must remember eternal spiritual needs always outweigh those of body and soul. (Phil. 4:19)

When receiving the report, all possible remedies of our financial, medical, or relational problems are exhausted. Do we see Jesus as The of Man, human no longer willing to give help to make it through? Do we turn away?  Or answer and cling like Peter?

John 6:68 - … "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life."

My new doctor acknowledged every treatment option, save one has been attempted. If faced with a single standalone disorder, medication and treatment might be effective. A vast majority of the general population experiences significant improvement. Rather, three major disorders are feeding on one another. Nothing exists on the horizon to manage these multiple disorders and symptoms.  

He stated, "You know the last option will only provide transient relief if at all. Within a year, your body and mind will adjust and become resistant eliminating efficacy. Also, the most effective medications for managing the major anxiety disorder you have already taken for over thirty years. They are now linked to dementia."

Appreciating the candor of prognosis versus prior "hopeful" (all while knowing not true), still did not lessen the sting. No rosy picture painted. As I am forgetting now. Is it due to anxiety and depression interfering with recall and concentration? Or the beginning of something worse?

Definitively hearing, “You fall into the small percentage of population where all treatments have been provided and no further relief available.” The unsettling and sobering message - we have done all possible. I must tidy affairs as able.

Though despairing, encouragement came from a friend, hardly believing my ears. When faced with life shaking events they said, 'If the Lord has seen you through for all these years, then He will see me through as well (in God's strength).’ This floored me as I believe nothing exists to offer anyone other than a muddled mess. It appears, God works even a single thing for His glory in a dire situation.

Faced with two choices; anger, complaints, and whining to God over why? A repeat done many times over the years. Even running through my mind now. The other to say, ‘Jesus, my only hope regardless of outcome is You. Please let Your word flood heart and be my Bread of Life. Hold me tight for nothing is impossible with You.’

Not looking for physical healing of mind; though if God bestowed there would be praise and rejoicing indescribable. No, seeking peace of heart to reside below the ever present rage of acute anxiety and depression modern medicine cannot touch. Christ overcomes as mind and body waste while spirit is renewed day by day. My life is in His hands.

II Cor. 1:8 - 9   We do not want you to be uninformed, brothers and sisters, about the troubles we experienced … We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired of life itself. Indeed, we felt … the sentence of death …this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God, who raises the dead.

Lord, make Jesus visible in my life and body. You are my peace breaking down all walls. Thank you in Jesus name, Amen.

Attributions: All scripture references, New International Version NIV®, Copyright by Biblica, Inc.®

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 Les Braswell
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John B. Abela (@abelajohnb)

Really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing! :thumbsup_tone3:

K Reynolds (@kreynolds)

My friend, I know you have suffered much over the years and yet like Job, you cling to God and trust Him..:no matter what.

I do not know the details of the plan God has for you but I know He is with you and He will reward your faithfulness.

John Knox (@watchmanjohn)

One ting I know is that God your Father is faithhful

Les Braswell (@doneuntotheleast)

Thank you John, K, and wmj. It is not letting me acknowledge to each of you individually what a blessing and encouragement each of you are to me and all. In Him, Les

Beth M (@blest)

You remain in my prayers. Why we are faced w what we face, we don't know. And won't this side of Eternity.
Hugs and prayers… .(those we have this side)
From PA