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Psa. 67:5 - "Let the peoples praise You, O God; Let all the peoples praise You." (NASB)

Prior to John Knox+ John Knox (@watchmanjohn) writing on the armour of God and praise being a weapon to battle the principalities of darkness; the Lord placed on my heart the importance of praise and thanksgiving. To join in exaltation of the Creator, joining creation and even the stones if man does not in praising Him!

God inhabits the praise of His people and commands us to praise and give thanks. (Eph. 5:19, Heb. 13:5 ) Paul and Silas awake at midnight unsure if at dawn their lives would end sang unto the Lord. (Acts 16:25) Giving thanks in song for the privileged of suffering for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Unsure of the Lord's direction to meditate and study on praise; He desired to show additional benefits of praise in our lives:

Psa. 22: 3 - "Yet You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel." (NASB)

First, in praise God's very presence surrounds our body, soul, and spirit. God's love in Christ Jesus envelops as we enter praise with the heavenly host, all creatures in earth and sea. He becomes the very air we breathe! (Psa. 69:34, Psa. 42:5)

II Sam 22:4 - "I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised, And I am saved from my enemies." (NASB)

Calling upon the Lord heart filled with praise, our physical lives are kept or protected. God shelters and guards us from those in the kingdom of darkness, desiring our destruction. Give Him thanks for always being by our side. Even more so through Christ, quickening to new life and residing in us by the Holy Spirit! (Jer. 20:13, Psa. 18:3)

Phil 4: 6, 7 - "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" (NASB)

In praise and thanksgiving, God's peace in Christ is the sentry over spirit and mind. (Isa. 57:19, Isa 55:12) While offering praise to the Lord, were can anxiety reside? With hearts' set on the Lord of hosts, now The Heavenly Father and His Kingdom come into focus before spiritual eyes, flowing to our soul!

Exod. 15:2 - "The LORD is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation; This is my God, and I will praise Him; My father's God, and I will extol Him." (NASB)

Praise of the Lord continues our sanctification process. (Col. 3:16 - 17, Psa. 19: 1 - 4) In praise, our spirit is open to moving in His Spirit. Continually being formed into Christ's image and obeying His statutes as a natural outflowing of our hearts. Our hearts become that of God's and worship reaches to the heavens! (Ezek. 36:27)

Psa. 42:11 - "Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why have you become disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him, The help of my countenance and my God" (NASB)

In praise and thanksgiving, our Hope and Joy (reference closing scripture) in Christ returns and replaces hopelessness. Our focus is turned again to God and His provision in Christ Jesus. Truly, blessed are those whose hope is in the Lord. Singing praise, in His presence is fullness of joy! ( Psa. 146:5, Jer. 17:17).

Psa. 59: 17 - "O my strength, I will sing praises to You; For God is my stronghold, the God who shows me lovingkindness" (NASB)

As we enter praise and thanksgiving, God's lovingkindness fills our hearts. Though we praise Him for lovingkindness already seen; God opens our eyes to see tender mercies and care never realized. The Lord reveals wonders and majesty of His love! (Psa. 143:8, Psa. 17:7)

Deut. 10:21 - "He is your praise and He is your God, who has done these great and awesome things for you which your eyes have seen." (NASB)

In Christ Jesus, the Lord is our praise! Singing and thanksgiving expresses gratefulness to Praise Himself. God reveals Himself to our hearts by the Holy Spirit in amazing and awesome ways never fathomed. The deep mysteries of God - The Lord of Hosts Himself! (Isa. 42:8, Isa. 43:21)

Sing a new song to the Lord. Allow the Spirit inside to guide in giving praise, not only worship songs written by others. Sing your own songs of thanks, for wonders God performs and continues doing in your life. Lift your voice, singing thanks to Him of specific things imparted to your life. With the trees, clap and lift your hands singing to the Lord Most High. (Isa. 55:12) Through it all, He has carried us through and is worthy of all praise!

Psa 30: 10 -12 “Hear, O Lord, and be gracious to me; O Lord, be my helper."You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; You have loosed my sackcloth and girded me with gladness, That my soul may sing praise to You and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to You forever." (NASB)

Attributions: New American Standard Bible (NASB) Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation

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John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

That was wonderful so up lifting and so full of thanksgiving; well researched and put together opening ones eyes to the amount of references in the scriptures to the importance and power of praise.

wmj :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up:

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Excellent! :clap:

In the darkest and most fearful times in my life, I have experienced the transformation that takes place when I begin to praise and worship God. The circumstances themselves may be the same but something changes within me. Fear, doubt, despair, etc flee for how can a child have those things when they are in the presence of their loving Heavenly Father?


K :princess:

Beth M @blest ·

Calling upon the Lord heart filled with praise, our physical lives are kept or protected. God shelters and guards us from those in the kingdom of darkness, desiring our destruction. Give Him thanks for always being us and by our side. Even more so by Christ, quickening to new life and residing in us through the Holy Spirit! (Jer. 20:13, Psa. 18:3)


Excellent, as K said. :clap:


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