Sentient Beings and Scrambled Eggs

Isa. 40:31 – “But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” (NASB)

Humans are considered to have the highest intelligence of all creatures on the earth. One individual called this belief into question, noting we are the only species which allows its children to return to the 'nest' having once grown and departed. Finding this humorous, I shared it with my college age daughter and was met with 'the look.' Further spurned as I read in today's economy, liberal arts majors no longer have to be the only ones concerned upon graduation of enduring long-term under or unemployment. Suppose we have a bit of work to do on our sense of humor!

But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength

In the verse above, one of the most difficult items I face is 'waiting on the Lord.' There is the feeling of needing to be doing something! Then certainly something is being accomplished with an issue or relationship. In not waiting on God, the exact opposite occurs.

they shall mount up with wings like eagles

Mounting up with wings as eagles is not the majestic soaring many are accustomed to seeing in flight. It refers to the will, determination, and motivation to move quickly into powerful flight from a vulnerable spot to one of height and vision. Picture a fighter jet with the pilot in deep concentration awaiting take off on the deck of aircraft carrier. In great determination, he successfully catapult's in a litte over 100 meters of 'runway' into the air at a speeds near 325 kph. This is an eagle mounting up.

We as believers are called to wait upon the Lord. Why, so God can renew our strength. Then when called, He empowers us by the Holy Spirit to claim new areas in our lives through Christ. Secondly for the revelation of the Savior to those who do not know Him. Showing the splendor of the Kingdom of God and King of kings. Thundering in His strenght to heights never achieved. Finally, so all may genuinely be completed and done in His might.

they shall run and not be weary

This part of the verse, reminds of the story of Pheidippides run from Athens to Sparta seeking help against Xerxes invading Persian forces. His aim, to conquer and subjugate all Greek city – states. Being a world class runner, traveling 140 miles between Athens and Sparta in 36 hours does not happen overnight. Becoming a runner trained to run for a life-time in the Lord involves first coming to Him. God conditions us daily beginning with short distances and slower pace, stretching our 'spiritual muscles' while not overtaxing or discouraging continuation.

Training must be done with wholeheartedness and each day. We increase incrementally in speed, distance, and endurance in planning to run the race. Time, dedication, and preparation are spent in daily spiritual training 'runs.' Choosing time in prayer, God's word, fellowship of the Spirit, and meditation in Oneness to do and say only as The Father. Viewing as trainning, we truly are already running the race set before us for life. In this, we demonstrate to all through in power of Christ's blood the forgivenes of sin. We receive new life in our spirit. Also, a loving, reconciled relationship with Jesus and God our Father. Bolstered by The Spirit of God and remaining mindful, the race run is not a 100 meter sprint but over the course of a lifetime. In this, we share the Life and Love received for all during our journey.

they shall walk and not faint

The final portion of this verse is a picture of one coming to the end of the trek. As marathon runners refer to'hitting the wall' around the 20 mile mark, we are prepared to give up. Exhausted, dizzy, and fighting dehydration, they are spent though the prize of Christ awaits at the end. The Spirit's power helps push us through for ourselves and every man, woman, and child to ever breathe on earth. To proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and all coming to God through Him receive love and Redemption. Spent, Living Water of the Spirit and the Bread of Life in Christ enables us to break through the wall, fight the good fight, to complete the race, and fall before the throne of grace victors. We come not only of ourselves, but bring all who choose to join with us together in entering God's Kingdom. Proclaiming and living out Christ's atoning love, forgiveness, grace, and acceptance for all.

Recently, I phoned a friend to say hello, speaking with them for a moment. I caught them at a bad time, finishing preparation of a omelet for a meal. We quickly said 'hello' and agreed to speak later. They attempted to salvage their meal. Later learned their omelet broke apart, rendering it like scrambled eggs.

Feeling horrible at ruining their meal, the Lord reminded me whether an impeccable pristine omelet or scrambled eggs makes no difference. He will use us no matter our outward appearance, just as John The Baptist.

Both the omelet and scrambled eggs contain the same life giving nutrients, just as Christ through His Spirit desires to impart to us. All for one purpose, for others to partake of Him in unconditional love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace. Joining the great dance and celebration to the Lamb and God The Father. To Him be glory, honor, power, and praise forever more, Amen.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I love this blog!


K :princess:

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

This blog has lifted me after wading my way through some 'terrible' blogs/comments written here of late.


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

I found this very uplifting also. A bit like yourself I find the waiting part terribly difficult.

Lum Patterson @lummichaelpatterson ·

Thank you brother for this spirit nourishing meal.

Yours in Christ,

Beth M @blest ·

I'll take scrambled eggs over an omelette any day!

Yeah, that waiting on the Lord thing is a difficult one for me. Patience is NOT my middle name. Dear Lord, grant me patience, NOW, is more my style.
Excellent blog on a verse I love and have quoted many times, and some day... some day... I might get good at that waiting part 😉

blessings, blest