When there are no words

Eph. 5:16 - making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. (NIV)

This past week at our men's group, an individual shared of great heartbreak and grief. My second time around him, 'Bill' always wore a smile and is quick with kind words. I shared a situation where I felt greatly abandoned. Speaking I gained clarity not expected and needed to speak with the others. Too not allow it to become an item big item but failed. I must confront and repent.

My time completed the group and 'Randy' spoke of additional challenges. He needs the Holy Spirit to guide him in forgiving a man who tried to kill him. Suffering brain damage, no longer able to recall things clearly or express ideas in speech.

'Bill" then spoke up telling of two years ago his wife received a severe diagnosis. Beginning treatment the doctor changed medication to one not covered by his insurance. Paying more than $1200 month they asked the doctor if he could put her back on the medication first prescribed covered by insurance. Instead the doctor prescribed another medication costing $2000 a month and not covered. Buying the medication for his wife it still did not seem to provide help.

Just before Christmas Eve 2015, 'Bill's" wife took her life, finding her when arrived home. Wondering aloud if he did more would she still be with him? The money did not matter; 'Bill' just wanted his wife. The depth of grief, pain, tears, and groaning I have only encountered a couple of times in life. 'Bill' wanted to encourage me though grasping mightily for God to touch pain unimagined.  

All week I have thought of 'Bill' each day. Looking at the mountain's I may face, how trivial when learning of other peoples 'giants.' All that could be done with 'Bill" was to wrap an arm around his shoulders and cry with him. To say how sorry for his loss we were.

As time for Christ's return or my departure of earth grows nearer each day; do I make the most of each moment encouraging others? Not allowing sin to harden heart and become unresponsive to His Spirit. May I learn from these two beloved brothers how great God is even in our darkest hour.  Still battling grief, pain, and despair but desiring to encourage me and others to never give up or give in.

Even without words to say, we have a Lord and Savior greater than any mountain we face. His Name is Christ the Lord.  

Heb. 3:13 - But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called "Today," so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness. (NIV)

One Thing Remains - Jesus Culture

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I really don't know what to say . This is beautiful and heartbreaking .
You my dear friend are a real godsend in this world .

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

"As time for Christ's return or my departure of earth grows nearer each day; do I making the most of each moment encouraging others? "

That is a very good and very sobering question.

Ann-marie Faulkner @aggiefaulkner ·

This is beautiful les...I jus find it so overwhelming how God uses people in their darkest times 2 encourage others around them...may God continue 2 bless u...praying

Beth M @blest ·

There are always those better and worse than we in every situation. We would do well to remember this but being human we fail

Joseph John Golden @josephjohn ·

Excellent post, thank you for this, sometimes I like to get down in my own self pity and wallow in it a bit but truth is there are so many others that need a kind word from the lord and encouragement, I pray that the Holy Spirit will use us all to bring good news and encouragement to those that are hurting so badly, God bless you brother.

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