Choices and How God works


Sometimes we question where we went wrong.
The what if's and should of's; if I had of known.
We blame our selves for the wrong in our lives.
If we had been better mothers, daughters or wives.
What a torturous place to be caught in regret.
I wish I could change it all or just forget.
People just add sorrow, they need someone to blame.
What if God allows heartache to bring glory to his name?
The people asked Jesus "whose sin caused this disease?"
Was it the boy? Or his parents? Tell us please.
Neither said Jesus, it is for God's glory alone.
It is so I can provide healing and make myself known.
All the choices you make don't add up to an easy path.
That is not the way God does his math.
Grace doesn't give you what you deserve.
It just provides healing for all of life's curves.
So today as you choose what you will do and say.
Remember to be humble, remember to pray.
Choose your words to build up your fellow man.
Don't judge or condemn; try to understand.

By Deborah Pinnell


Thanks Deborah for your remarkable and outstanding poem !

I'm stepping upon the water and I am staying afloat upon the greatest wisdom of the knowledge of Christ Jesus that you have wrote and I am hoping all the while that you will write another soon is my desire because your understanding brings a spark in me and lights a Holy Fire.

Be blessed forever

Beth M @blest ·

Remarkable and outstanding. ..perfect adjectives Mark used.

Yes, outstanding! :clap:



K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

You wrote:

"People just add sorrow, they need someone to blame.
What if God allows heartache to bring glory to his name?"

Why, oh why do we need to do that? Sometimes we seem to think that finding a "reason" an explanation will bring comfort but it does not. How much better it would be to simply wrap our arms around someone and cry with them.

You are right, the disease of addiction is as real as cancer.

K :princess:

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

Really nice..God bless you dear sis
Love Tina

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Absolutely right Deborah Pinnell (@dpinnell5) - in your blog and in your comments. :clap:

Thank you for sharing. God bless you,


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