I am a Blessed Mess

Blessed mess Matt 5:3-16 Blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are those who mourn, blessed are the meek, blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, blessed are the merciful, blessed are the pure in heart, blessed are the peacemakers, blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for my sake. Poor in spirit ." Here, "poor" is translated from ptochos, which literally means "to crouch or cower as one helpless." It signifies the beggar, the pauper, one in abject poverty, totally dependent on others for help and destitute of even the necessities of life. To look at the word “poor” here I think “needy” poor in spirit means a needy spirit. I am a straight up mess without the Holy Spirit, I need his guidance, I need his peace, I need him to intercede for me when the words just won’t come. To be poor in spirit is to be convinced that I am nothing without that spirit living in me. I am dependant on GOD, no money or success or anything on Earth can meet my spiritual need. Only a savior can save. Those who mourn- (sorrow or grief.) to mourn means to suffer loss, we think of lost loved ones, but JESUS is speaking of other mourners. He is speaking of Spiritual mourning. Mourn can mean to grieve in your spirit. When we cry out to GOD in our sorrow he will send us comfort. BLESSING us with his comforter, the Holy Spirit. The meek- Great power under control was the best definition I could find for meek. Meek is not weak it is gentle in spirit, mild in manner, A.W. Tozer once wrote, The meek man is not a human mouse afflicted with a sense of his own inferiority. Rather he may be in his moral life as bold as a lion and as strong as Samson; but he has stopped being fooled about himself. He has accepted God's estimate of his own life. He knows he is as weak and helpless as God declared him to be, but paradoxically, he knows at the same time that he is in the sight of God of more importance than angels. In himself, nothing; in God, everything. That is his motto." Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness- a longing to be filled by GOD’s word. Righteousness is only found in Him. He is only found in his word. Hunger and thirst are basic needs that we can all relate to. In the spiritual sense, we crave more of GOD. We have grown accustomed to being partakers of his Spirit and are left daily wanting MORE. To be filled with his spirit. We can’t settle for just a taste, we want to find satisfaction in Him. Fullness, wholeness, to be made complete. The merciful-William Barclay's Daily Study Bible commentary on Matthew states regarding this word:It does not mean only to sympathize with a person in the popular sense of the term; it does not mean simply to feel sorry for some in trouble. Chesedh [sic], mercy, means the ability to get right inside the other person's skin until we can see things with his eyes, think things with his mind, and feel things with his feelings. Your spirit through the Holy Spirit will grieve when others grieve it will feel what your fellow man feels, you will see need and not be able to turn from it, loving your neighbor as yourself means you will care for them. You will take upon yourself one another’s pain. The pure in heart- pure motivation in your inner being. Down at the very core of why you do all you do, is who you really are. What is your heart’s desire? Is it pure? Is it a desire for the HOLY? Does your heart truly belong to JESUS? What do you want more than anything? One wish, only one, would it be for him or for yourself? GOD judges a man by his heart not his outward appearance. Nothing is hidden from him. He sees to the very core of your soul to the depths of who you truly are. Everything else stripped away right down to the basic element of “you” is what? The peacemakers- . Peace is a state of balance and understanding in yourself and between others. To be a peacemaker means you recognize your effect on others and choose to have a positive effect. You do not argue or dispute, you find common ground with your fellow man. You first find it within yourself through the Holy Spiirt. The peace that he fills you with overflows to others. Those who are persecuted-to oppress to cause to suffer. For JESUS’ name we shall suffer and be oppressed. I wonder if we live out through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT all of the above, others come face to face with their own short comings and therefore seek to find fault within you so they will not see their own fault. No one can be all of these without the power of the Holy Spirit working in them. And those who are not of the Spirit can not bear the truth of their own sinfulness in the reflection of Holiness. We are not Holy but the Spirit working within us is. It shines forth and darkness can not bear the light. Each of these descriptions of the blessed ones are of one being. I used to think of it as individuals...the poor, the mourners, the meek, those seeking righteousness, the merciful, the pure in heart,the persecuted but now I realize that they are all attributes of a spirit filled Christian. Evidence of the Holy Spirit working in someone. The blessing itself is the very Spirit that brings all these changes to us. To be needy, sorrowful, mild, longing, over emotional, true at heart, peace seeker, who is persecuted for it! • You will be blessed, but to the world you will seem a mess!

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Great blog. You have gone in each word in detail and uncovered the spiritual meaning. Well written. I was struck with a thought as I read your blog - I thought about people who are the opposite of these virtues. I can not imagine someone wanting something so badly (money, a job, a woman, etc) that they would hurt, injure, or kill someone else in order to get it.

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Wow! Thanks so much for the insight on this passage! A lot of good thought as we begin a new year! :butterfly:

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