i will follow you LORD

I'll follow you LORD where ever you lead. I'll trust you father for all that i need. Guide me today in the path that you choose. I'll follow you LORD and share your good news. Give my mouth the words i should speak. Keep me close to your side, never out of reach. Envelope me LORD, with oyur love surround me. Let your spirit flow through me and all around me. You created me LORD with a purpose and plan. Lead me now Father i hold your right hand. With you by my side all fear and doubt disappear. My path is straight because your light is so clear. You lead me to righteousness for the sake of your name Because of your mercy i am not ashamed! I have been broken and i have been healed By your word and your truth my future is sealed So thank you GOD, your'e my strength and my song You lead i will follow, i am weak...you are strong! by Deborah Pinnell

Deborah Pinnell @dpinnell5 ·

:)thanks i misspelled a few words...oops

Benjamin Foulks @galahad ·


I give thanks and praise to God for the gift He has given you. Thank you for blessing me with it today. May you be encouraged in The Lord by what has flowed from you heart into words as you seek a pastor for your church. Our Heavenly Father is all that you have said in this time of need for your church. Stay strong in Him....I have no doubt you will.

God bless you today in bunches :)


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