If only we could see into heaven.

I wish you could see where I am today.

One tiny glimpse would wash your sorrows away.

Crystal clear seas, white sandy shores.

Colors and beauty like you've never seen before.

The sounds of the angels vibrate through your soul.

Just seeing Jesus is a sight to behold.

It's so much better than you've dreamed it would be.

Marvelous light has enveloped me.

I am at rest, sitting at my Savior's feet.

I am made new, I am finally complete.

I wish you could see so you wouldn't cry.

I am so sorry that i had to say goodbye.

But hold on, press on this is not the end.

Heaven is waiting, we will meet again.

There will be a day when you too will be here.

Don't lose that hope, there is nothing to fear.

I know you are hurting and miss me today.

But soon all those tears will be wiped away.

All questions will be answered and the purpose clear.

When you get released and are finally here.

So let go of what ifs and all you should have done.

Live life to the fullest and try to have fun.

Don't take moments for granted they are numbered too.

You still have plenty of work left to do.

There are people to love and knowledge to share.

Take your pain to the cross and leave it there.

Jesus will heal you; he will teach you new ways.

To live life without me for the rest of your days.

Stop clinging to what will never be.

Just remember what was then set me free.

Mama I love you, I want you to know.

The time has come for you to let me go.

By Deborah Pinnell


Most excellent poem !

Thanks for sharing this with us Deborah, it is a wonderful ray of hope.

Be blessed forever


After I read this I sat in silence not knowing what to say. Then I realised that there are no words, for words can never convey how I appreciate you allowing us a glimpse of your daily walk.

Father my words will never bring healing and peace to Deborah but yours can. I have no refuge for Deborah but you do. Lord I could speak soothing words and put them to a melody and they would not minister to the soul as you can . So Father, I lift Deborah to you today and ask that you continue to carry her , to strengthen her and to cover her with your tender mercies.

O joy that seeketh me through pain
I can not close my heart to thee
I trace the rainbow through the rain
And find thy promise is not vain
That morn shall tearless be.
( written. By George Matheson 1882)

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