Poem about my views.

Politicians are lying, and nobody's buying. Mamas are crying, cause their children are dying.
Soldiers fight wars that nobody's winning. People are praying; sinners are sinning.
And the world just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning.
We read all the headlines and buy into fear, the next big outbreak is hitting this year. The media puts out stories of threats and disease while people pop pills to help their mind ease. And all God's children do whatever they please. Never stopping to ask what their neighbor needs.

We all claim to want peace while hate rages inside. We can't let those bums have a free ride! We'll put up a wall to keep the enemy out, then tear down a brother we know nothing about.
People want change but they stay the same and everyone else is surely to blame. Everyone wishes for their fifteen minutes of fame. People take lives like it's all just a game. Then everyone remembers those killers names.

America can soon be great again, but only if voters help the right President win, and the media spins and spins and spins. Meanwhile nobody really wins, and in four years we do this all again.
Justice for one and justice for all. United we stand divided we fall, and don't forget we need to build us a wall to keep evil out, though it lives in us all.

This world is a mess and people are stressed without ever seeing we truly are blessed. If you stop drinking the kook aid and take a hard look, you'd see the real answers are in the Good book.
Love God and your neighbor and enemy alike. Trust in him to fight your battles and make all things right. Declare his truth to those you meet, and share all you have; be his hands and feet. Follow his wisdom and don't follow man. Carrying a cross is the best way to take a stand. Humble yourselves and be salt and light. Don't sway to the left or to the right. Stay centered on Christ all day and night.

The war on evil has already been won. God was victorious through the death of his son. Death lost it's sting, by his wounds we were healed. If you believe in Jesus your fate is sealed.
So let freedom ring through your soul today, let his spirit provide peace Jesus is life, the truth and the way.

By Deborah Pinnell

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Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Especially appreciated the last verse - Praise God!
Amen Deborah - so much truth in so few words.
Jolly well said.
God bless,

Beth M @blest ·


And such a blessing to see you!


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