rest in peace my dear son

Rest in peace my sweet boy.

Mama's angel, my heart, my joy.

When I get there where you are now

I'll get the answers i need somehow.

Did you know i loved you with all my heart?

Did you know no distance could keep us apart?

You are where there are no more tears.

You are free and i am here.

Left behind to mourn your life.

Reminded daily of the trouble and strife.

The hours of prayers for you to be ok.

The fear of the reality i faced today.

How could i face a moment without you close by?

How many tears can one mama cry?

I want it all to go in reverse.

change the outcome to something that doesn't hurt.

I want you to run in and hug me tight.

I want our special talks to go on all night.

I want a future that i do not dread.

Of good times and celebrations, not burying the dead.

I want a do over where all your dreams come true.

One more day to spend laughing with you.

Jesus please take this grief and reassure your dear child.

That one day, soemday, i will again see that smile.

Let me know he made it there safe and sound.

So i can keep on going and not in sorrows drown.

Let me see him in my dreams as i close my weepy eyes.

Let me have one last time to say my goodbyes.

Thank you for the gift of 22 years, since he was born.

Thank you that the sorrow only last until the Morn.

Thank you for the peace of knowing he's in your care.

Thank you for the day that will come, when i too can be there.

By Deborah Pinnell


The day i lost my firstborn.

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your poem just breaks my heart, I don't have words.
I will keep praying for you and your family.
May the Lord comfort you and carry you as you face each of these tough days.
God bless,

Beth M @blest ·

[quote]Thank you for the day that will come, when i too can be there.[/quote] Awesome poem!
You have been in my prayers ~ may God continue to comfort you as only He can.

someday, someday...

All tears will be gone...

Until then, warm hugs, my sister in Christ

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·


What a beautiful poem! You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.


K :princess:


My heart and my prayers are with you and your family sister. Nothing I can say will bring you comfort however we have a God who will be right there with you through every moment of every day. What is impossible for man, God does. I thank Him because I know His Love will encompass you and your loved ones. Glory to His Name!

You are in my thoughts and in my prayers ~Hoyle


Deb, this is beautiful

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

I shed tear reading your poem and you and your family are all in my prayers. My God love envelop you as you go down a path only He can guide you through - His peace and rest to you.

In my thought and prayers in Christ,

Beth M @blest ·

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